Dear Quickfoot Cat Burglar

BoomI infiltrated your warehouse the other day and, well, perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this but I think you guys are getting some bad advice. You see, some of the barrels in your warehouse are rather clearly labeled as “Explosive Barrel” and yet each and every last one of you chose to stand right next to one. I mean, even though it made it quite enjoyable to put you guys out of business, you might find more success standing next the the plain old “barrel” next time.

Not that I can blame you, your boss was standing between 2 explosive barrels.


– Ethic

3 thoughts on “Dear Quickfoot Cat Burglar

  1. @Kos1mo

    Dear Ethic, those “Explosive Barrels” as you call them are the ones with the highest proof beverages which explains why the boss gets two. -Quickfoot

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