Teclisen drops a nuke about Sigil’s behind the scenes…

Hoo boy. You have to see it to believe it.

Wow, I can feel the radiation from here, and I’m pretty deep in the sewers hunting more damned rats. Ok, I have to tell you up front that I’m not sure if this guy really is an ex-vanguard designer or what, so take the post for what it’s worth and with a grain of salt or two.

Among other things, he rips into McQuaid, Smedly, and Gilbertson.


I thought *I* was bitter about some things in this industry!

9 thoughts on “Teclisen drops a nuke about Sigil’s behind the scenes…”

  1. Link is blocked for me at work this weekend, but I’ll get to it later. I probably won’t be surprised by much, if anything, that is said.

  2. Well, now that I’ve read it I can truly say one thing did surprise me: McQuaid on drugs. Ah well, just more evidence of how much of a failure Vanguard was. Almost reminds me of the trailing days of the original Atari (after Nolan left).

  3. There’s no doubt that the fall of Vanguard is a sad tale on many levels, and a lot of people are disappointed for a variety of reasons. But I’d bet dollars to donuts that the truth of what happened is far less scandalous and sinister than the gossip-hungry public wants to believe.

    A bunch of people made bad choices. An opportunity was squandered. It happens in every industry; it’s just that most industries don’t have message board communities scrutinizing their every move for years on end.

  4. Moorgard, I would say that most do. We just don’t know or care about them. There are people who are desperately interested in freeway sign numbering, and they have message board communities where people can post pictures of themselves on oddly or incorrectly numbered stretches. American versus Mexican Coca-cola is a fun discussion. And so on, for any detail you can think of. The internet is deep, broad, and weird.

  5. As I mentioned elsewhere, I take the rant with a grain of salt the size of a bowling ball, because if all of what this guy says is true (and probably SOME of it is,) I don’t see how we could have gotten the game we did. It was very bad at launch, but it wasn’t THAT bad. Instead we got a deeply flawed but potentially salvagable game with lots of obvious potential – I don’t think that’d be the case if all this was 100% true.

    Plus the guy’s both obviously disgruntled and going out of his way to make himself look like a jerk.

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