[GW2] A State of Consumption

Things feel rather slow at the moment for Guild Wars 2 info with a few crumbs.  ArenaNet did a triple-A job building excitement and fervor during the convention season. That, my friends, amounted to months of prep and long hours by ArenaNet staff during the two main conventions, gamescom and PAX. Then, Guild Wars 2 was also shown at the New York Comic Con and most recently at Paris Games Week. Yet, for the community it feels like nothing has been revealed since the Hall of Monuments, and the mob is getting a little restless.

First, let’s remember that ArenaNet is a big company with many different moving parts. At the most basic level there are people that make the game and people that market the game. Just because marketing seems a little slow at the moment does not mean there is any impact on the people that make the game. It does get confusing when game designers become the face of the company, but let’s keep that bit of perspective in mind.

Okay, now let’s pretend you are marketing. You just accomplished a huge, rockin’ project. It was amazing. It rocketed Guild Wars 2 up to the most anticipated game by far at mmorpg.com. If I was marketing I would say this was a triumph. How many of you have accomplished huge projects… months-long projects… projects where you lost sleep… projects where if you failed seppeku was a realistic response. What did you do once that project was finished? Take a f’in break is what you did.

Even with that perspective, I am among the disappointed. It’s hard not to absolutely gorge on Guild Wars 2, and then find out the next course is not yet prepared when I wanted it. It’s hard to accept Guild Wars news as a substitute for Guild Wars 2 news. More and more they are feeling like two different games. So even though the Hall of Monuments news and recent Halloween celebration was amazing, I did not get as much Guild Wars 2 energy from that buzz.

Still, there is a lot to look forward to. I would imagine that marketing is working on the next book in the trilogy of Guild Wars 2 books, Edge of Destiny. Jeff Grubb, co-author of the first book, said the book was coming in December or January during the cons, and the publisher’s site has it coming out about December 28, 2010. Considering that the first book, Ghosts of Ascalon, sits at 4.5 stars out of 54 reviews on Amazon, there is a lot to look forward to with the second book.

It is also possible that we will get beta news by the end of the year, if nothing has changed from earlier NCSoft investor conference calls. There are more professions to be released. Information about Guild Wars 2 PvP, which ArenaNet devs gleefully love to tweet about, is likely going to be a big thing on the horizon. Still, keep a bit of perspective. The U.S. holiday season is nearly upon us, and people like to be with families and take vacations to places with warm, sunny beaches, and the monstrosity that is World of Warcraft Cataclysm will likely eclipse much of the MMO ‘sphere for its time. It’s better to be surprised than disappointed.

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  1. I completely agree with you here. Although I’m a little sad that we’re not getting a new profession ever so odd weeks, I’m looking forward to this holiday season. They WILL announce something by the end of this year. ;D

  2. Working on my HoM leads me to not worry about GW2 news. As a matter of fact, this is actually perfect there is NO NEWS.
    There is no major hype, like there was. The news that was released sparked enough interest that I constantly see people awaiting “GW2” release. Sometimes moreso than SWToR.
    This is good.
    And since we are only a month or so away from Cataclysm…why should Arenanet even try? Best to lay low, let people get sick of WoW again, and then hit us with their beta!

  3. I expect they might release some info about PvP before the end of the year, and perhaps something about mini-games or something along those lines. I’d be very surprised if they release another profession.

    I’m happy right now working on my HoM so I don’t need any GW2 info until next year, although I’m fine if they do release more.

  4. I expect more professions to be released only when they’ve set an internal release date. That way they’ll be more comfortable releasing professions in a similar lead up fashion to gw2.

    you’d think they’d bump up the book release though. i mean sell a book 3 days after christmas or before christmas? me i’d go before, but I’m not in the book industry.

    Otherwise good points. people just need to have a little patience.

    1. The problem isn’t with ArenaNet’s marketing for the book release date, it’s with the publisher. Edge of Destiny won’t exactly hit the best seller lists and, therefore, isn’t a priority with the publisher. Hopefully, many of the fans will get bookstore gift cards for a holiday gift to enable them to purchase the book on release day. (If you can find it this time; hopefully more stores will carry it.)

  5. I feel like even though Arena Net has done an AMAZING job at the conventions, what is most important is to have a steady flow of information… as small as it is. If they haven’t noticed yet, the guildwars2guru forum is able to blow even the smallest bit of information out of proportion (ex. Assassin/Mesmer concept art). Feed us Arena Net! We’re hungry!

  6. Hey, I haven’t seen the info about the new book before – very exciting! Loved GoA, can’t wait to see what happens next.

    I do think sometimes that we forget that even most giant of multi-national companies are run by human being with families and lives. I am clawing at the door of GW2 news, but I sometimes must tell myself that patience is a virtue and that info will come when it comes.

    Atm, I actually find GW1 news just as satifying as GW2 news. I mean, I’m very excited about “Cantha: Winds of Change” hopefully coming early in the new year, and I’m interested to see whether Pyre turns up at Keiran and Gwen’s wedding. Oooh it’s like East-bloody-enders up in here.

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