Lego Universe: Commitment Challenge

This morning I logged in quick to see if the much awaited patch had dropped and was disappointed to see it hadn’t. Going to the main page, there’s an article about a new area that will be introduced in “a few weeks”. Even more disappointing is that it says that you will have to learn a new form of combat as what you know is not good enough.

So despite not even being completely finished releasing the first version of its combat/gear system, LU is revamping it. For some reason, I’m remembering Star Wars Online’s famous NGE event. Also, the fact that since launch (October) there has only been 3 very small content additions, one of which was created by fans, not Lego staff, and one was a revision of an existing zone. So besides a zone that you can walk across in under 30 seconds (the holiday Frostbluff zone), there’s nothing truly new from the company since launch. For a subscription-based game, one that promised weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly content updates, this has to be a big red flag.

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4 thoughts on “Lego Universe: Commitment Challenge”

  1. Ouchie!
    I have always pegged Lego Universe as being a game that didn’t warrant subscription (DC Universe isn’t too far behind it…), but that record is still plain shoddy for the lego enthusiasts.
    Tea & sympathy all-round. ^_^

  2. Brought to you by the same people that did the oh-so-successful Auto Assault!

    *sigh* You know, I kept saying I had the feeling that the reason they were charging that rather rediculous $40 cost for the game originally was because they knew there wasn’t enough content to for people to even *bother* paying the sub fee. Seems like I keep getting proved right. :-/

    BTW, speaking of patches–did they ever bother to let people map their controls?

  3. As far as I can tell, you cannot remap controls (possibly because there are hard-coded videos that pop up to explain the ones you use), but honestly the control that I hate the most is the camera.

    There is no way to physically spin it around and take a face picture. What you have to do is walk forward, then press the back arrow, which makes you do a 180. For a second or two you have a front face. Otherwise, all your screenshots are over-the-shoulder types.

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