4 thoughts on “My Little Pony Tower Defense”

  1. I hate to admit to being driven so much by pure aesthetics, but I prefer my Tower Defense games to have a certain high-tech coolness factor that’s best achieved via industrial / mechanical towers.

    Coloured dots and / or ponies just don’t do it from me. Aside from the rare exception (Plants vs Zombies, although it’s not typical Tower Defense gameplay either), the cuteness factor is generally a turn-off.

    Defense Grid is pretty much the epitome of the genre for me. I just wish they would crank out more maps or an editor.

  2. I haven’t finished the training missions yet but already I like this game. I never saw any My Little ponies movies though so the smooze reference was lost on me.

  3. my favorite character on the Plants Vs. Zombies game is none other than the Michael Jackson zombie.**-

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