[GW2] Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Contest

Congrats to all the winners! My favorite was  “to go back to their roots” as simple, and oft-repeated as it was. The winners, all randomly chosen, are:

Nicc0 – Oggy – Zazuki – alp – Peter Mackie – Bevis212 – TheSanto – Wok – Brimstar – Ancrath – Talzin – Moxxi – Stcha – Pirateking – Max Okazaki – Genzi – Andre Simmonds – Dark Link – Scott – Smi

Emails containing the key have been sent out. Please check  your spam folders as “winning” + links is usually spam anyways.

EDIT: Talk about a response! We are unfortunately ending this contest a bit early as we’re approaching technical issues. Thank you all for entering. I will determine the winners by the end of Friday. –Rav

ArenaNet was awesome enough to throw a couple Guild Wars 2 beta keys for the upcoming beta weekend our way. Did I say a couple? How about twenty! These keys are good just for the Guild Wars 2 weekend event occurring June 8-10.

How to enter? Simply answer this question via comments below: Why did the sylvari cross the road? with a clever, bookah answer by the end of this Friday, June 1st. (Hint: “to get to the other side” is not a clever, bookah answer.) Please leave a valid email with the comment, and only one entry per person please. I will then randomly choose 20 participants on Saturday, June 2nd and notify the winners here and privately via email.

Good luck, and thanks to ArenaNet!


3,352 thoughts on “[GW2] Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Contest”

        1. “cause the silvary did have enaugh free gems to cross the road to get on the other sevrer”

        2. To Get A Guild Wars 2 Beta Key Because his Family is Broke and Dying of a Swift Bankrupt and is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    1. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

      Because it thought it saw Ventari and Roran on the other side.

    2. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

      So that they can expand themselves and prepare for the fights that are coming.

    3. to kill the dragon that stole my beta key and bring it back to me…cause they’re cool like that.

    4. As a sylvari i don’t understand your human jokes but “wouldn’t it be to get to the other side” (said in a unsure way) *tilts head to the side with a curious look on his face*

    5. Because it saw a “Guild Wars 2 – Collector’s Edition” on the other side.

    6. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

      because his guild was on the other side, heard he could get some good loot. :)

      1. Pourquoi les Sylvaris traverser la route?

        Pour découvrir que les locaux d’ArenaNet ne sont pas très loin… il suffit de traverser la route, c’est à 100m.

    7. Because the butterfly they have been following around all day has just crossed the road in front of them.

    8. Because someone said “if you cross the road, I will kill you and Guild Wars 2 would be destroyed for all time but if you stay here, you stay alive.”

    9. Why did the sylvari cross the road?


      The Road goes ever on and on
      Down from the door where it began.
      Now far ahead the Road has gone,
      And I must follow, if I can,
      Pursuing it with eager feet,
      Until it joins some larger way
      Where many paths and errands meet.
      And whither then? I cannot say.

    10. Because he took a lichen to a sylvari on the other side. But alas, it was a fruitless pursuit.

    11. It followed the trail of blue and red smarties. Wouldn’t make sense to follow the yellow ones, who likes those anyways?

    12. cause if he dosn’t, he ll never know what is waiting for him on the over side of the road : Lot of adventure in Guild wars 2 !!! :)

    13. To help Wile E. Coyote cross the road without getting flattened by an oncoming vehicle.

        1. She had a hot date with an elementalist, she was headed to the nursery to get her hedges trimmed up.

    14. Becuase the Tyranids had entered area and consumed all life, the Sylvari sought to escape the Insectoid marauders

    15. To explore the world for all it has to offer on her very own adventure, all the while taking her trusty canine friend along for the journey. It’s the best reason, the only reason, and a seemingly popular one ;)

    16. So there was this event, right? And apparently you have to get into this yellow circle to get into the event, so this Sylvari was trying to reach this circle but couldn’t catch it since it was moving. It’s became sort of an event on it’s own, just to reach this bleeding circle but it was futile.

      After quite a few minutes of chasing Sylvari met some other adventurers trying to get inside the event zone. They decided to run together just for fun, since it wasn’t helping in any practical way.

      There was this funny little Asura, who happened to be a Warrior which made everyone laugh since he was nearly half as big as Charr Mesmer’s longsword. On the other hand this Mesmer was quite rubbish, because when they asked him to speed them up magically he just growled and said something about “fancy magic for sissies” and that “real Charr makes only dangerous magic” which made everyone wonder why on Earth would he choose to be a Mesmer in the first place.

      There was also Norn Necromancer who hated undead and was repeating this statement every two minutes which made even less sense than the previous two guys. Fortunately he was quite alright with curses. Those magic ones, I mean. Not that it could help in this situation, but it still was reassuring. Eventually they will catch up with the event and every skill could be useful.

      Last, but not least there was this human thief. Well, he was with them only for a minute, nicked all the gold from Charr’s pocket and disappeared. Never trust humans, I think that’s the lesson from this.

      After long and tiring run they finally did it. They got inside the event, ready to use their unique, however peculiar, skills for the good of the team. To fight evil and chaos. To make sure that Tyria becomes a slightly better place after this complteing this task.

      So there was a road ahead of them and event description said “check what’s on the other side”.

      So the Sylvari crossed the road.

    17. Why did the sylvari cross the road? He didn’t have enough money to use the waypoints. :D

    18. To further their understanding of these mystical constructs that the humans call roads.

    19. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

      Because someone hinted about hidden treasures on the other side..

    20. The sylvari crossed the road because…EVIL THREATENS TYRIA, BUT OUR DREAM WILL GUIDE THROUGH DARKNESS…TO DAWN!!!!!!

    21. He/she was curious about what is on the other side.

      (hopefully she found release dates!)

    22. Why did the Sylvari cross the road?
      To travel to the heart of the Pale Tree and ask if it could send them some GW2 beta keys. :D

      the tree is clever enough to make this a clever answer i think, isn’t it? :P

    23. “Why did the Sylvari cross the road?”

      The Sylvari crossed the road to learn. It wished to impart more knowledge onto the Pale tree, so that the rest of it’s kind would be more prepared for the world outside The Grove. That’s why all Sylvari cross THE road.

    24. You see, there was in fact something shiny on the other side of the road. Given that the Sylvari are curious in nature, there was no chance of escape from the shiny object across the road. Our little Sylvari had to do it, not because it wanted to, but because it needed to see what was so glittery.

    25. ah easy once my fellow bookah,sylvari always cross each road they have in the way to find more answer the world have to give and adventure to discover,is in their nature.

      If the world give you Road,you dont need to be smart to move your foot and follow your way through

    26. Because, due to an unlikely series of events, involving a chicken, an methane explosion in a local guild hall, a dawn flash flood, and fit of epilpsy, our hero found himself fleeing a large dragon dog, itself suffering from insomnia due to a particularly loud owl and dehydration, through a small dense wood and into a local settlement, founded in 1184AE by a group of nomadic norn with crimminal backgrounds, which happened to have a single road between our hero and the safeest place he could hide, a seedy looking tavern with a 2 for 5 coin Hunter’s Ale happy hour deal.

    27. Because it heard the land calling out for champions on the other side and wanted to answer.

    28. Q: “Why did Sylvari cross the road?”

      A: “Because the dragon was on the other side”

    29. answer: Because they come to help other races in future fight against the awakening evil.(for example dragons)

    30. The sylvari crossed the road because they saw in their Dreams, that the site of their road is going to be destroyed by a huge nyan cat, who’s blue rainbow line was damaged by goblins, causing a failure in cuteness-time-gravity engine, causing it to crash right on the silvary site. The TBI (Tiryan Biro of Investigation), think that the goblins were part of the terrorist group Al’Crafta, from the dark old lands of Azeroth, trying to destroy the new world of Tyria, for their new system of no holy trinity, and free movement, that’s against their classic mmonian religion…
      Sad, but true :/

    31. Because there is a Delorean at the other saide, so he can travel forward to the GW2 release date!

  1. Silly bookah, I have not the time to hear petty simple minded jokes about the Slyvari. I’m busy in this game of Polymorph.

  2. Because there was his zerg of asuras and norns on the second side of the road and he wanted to gank a red base.

  3. “To get to the other side” may not be a bookah answer, but it would be a very Sylvari answer. They’re very curious and direct.

    However, given what I know of Sylvari I’d say that a more appropriate answer would be:

    To find out what is on the other side.

  4. To watch on poor people, cutting trees and destroying nature. Then they came back to “their” side :)

  5. Because it was delivering my GW2 beta key with haste, not even pausing to check the road for rampaging Charr. So great is his dedication, so important his cause, that his own life means nothing in comparison to his task: the safe delivery of the GW2 beta key.

  6. Because adventuring all around Tyria in the opposite direction was too time consuming.

  7. Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    Because the the other side had a brightly colored forest…

  8. It’s a trick question i say! The Sylvari would never cross a road. Roads are a synthetic man made product made from bitumen – a series of Hydrocarbons extracted from crude oil. The Sylvari are the Tree Lovers of Tyria and their dictionaries don’t consist of the word “road” ! If they were to ever cross a “road” – it would be to simply spread some quick growing seeds over the surface of the road! Thank you. :)

  9. He did not cross, he slipped on a peel of a friend and ended up the other side of the road!

  10. . . . to kill ten rats of course, he had a quest and they only spawn on the other side

  11. To escape the onslaught of termites that seem to spawn in the beginner area of every other MMO.

  12. To get busy with Poison Ivy.

    bow chicka bow wow

    And b/c my Amazon preorder doesn’t include beta key. I’m a slave to amazon prime.

  13. To get to the Pale Tree to enter the Dream of Dreams in order to obtain the ultimate knowledge!

    To enter get to the Pale Tree and enter the dream of dreams in order to obtain ultimate knowledge!

  14. The Sylvari crossed the road, because in her dream she saw snowy monsters and their danger, she dreamed about the dragon Jormag in the north, and his danger to oppress the Norn, shortly after her awakening, she traveled north, to aid the Norn against their fight against Jormag, this is one road of many to cross, on her way north towards her goal, where she will be spending her life until Jormag or herself is defeated.

      1. You’re an idiot. It says nothing about the answer needing to be a joke. It says “be cleaver and bookah”. *smh*

  15. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Well, he saw a young fair maiden with white flowing hair! Isn’t that obvious? DUH~!#

  16. The question is not why the sylvari crosses the road, but why the road moves itself in the direction the sylvari was going.

  17. They cross the road because the wind flew his clothes to the other side, and they dont like to be naked, because it reminds them the autumn.

  18. Why did the Sylvari cross the road?
    Because Gordan Ramsay were out of lettuce.

  19. Because a Charr said the word “Gullible” was carved into a rock on the other side. :)

  20. To blend in with the shrubbery. This side of the road clashed with his celery complexion.

  21. The sylvari crossed the road to get to the “other side”….. yup it was a very suicidal sylvari who no longer wanted to live :(

  22. Thy Sylvari crossed the road to look smaller (and therefore more intelligent) to any person on the one side of the road. You should really know this by now, bookah…

  23. Because they wanted to learn more about life in Kryta since they are a new species and have a lot to learn about the world.

  24. …to walk amongst the vegetation, spreading their pollen as they wove their way through the depths of the forest, in order to pollinate the plants on the other side.

  25. He didnt, the Sylvari got ran over and died…

    Q: When will GW2 cross the road?
    A: When it’s ready.

  26. to join his/her mommy sylvari who needs help planting majic beans! obviously the father sylvari is busy with man things…:P

  27. To escape the enraged, child-eating Bookah, while also trying not to wake the camp of bookahs down the road, seeing as one angry bookah is better than a camp of angry bookahs!

  28. Because they saw:
    an asura fishing in the sea
    a norn chopping down a tree
    a human giving waffles for free
    and a charr running away from an angry bee

  29. To get to the greener grass on the other side, so he could count sheep, and fall back into the Dream of Dreams!

  30. Sylvari crossed the road, because she saw a charr-baby crying on the other side of the road.

  31. It is the nature of the Sylvari to cross roads, and wherever their curiosity takes them.

  32. Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    So you guys could ask this question and give us a chance to win a beta key. Thus making us to play the Sylvari race out of gratitude.

  33. Because this particular Silvari is easily persuaded, you see. Why does one listen to others? We listen in hopes such active caring will, in turn, benefit us. That is what this young one sought. This one’s true love (or so the poor girl dared to hope) encouraged this one to cross with him. She hadn’t known him for long, but she felt something for him, and agreed to cross the street… not knowing his plan… to push…

    They got to the middle – a horde of centaur – his plan in motion – he pushes – she lands on the other side as the centaur stampede over him.

  34. To rescue his bride from the Charr that had been kidnapped the night before they were to be wed.

  35. Why Did the Sylvari cross the road?

    Because they finally learned how to press the botton to stop traffic, A-net thought it was a big step, so they rewarded them with the chance to be in GW2.

  36. which silly bookah let the sylvari out? dont they know how much they are worth?!?!?! so much for my scientific experiment..

  37. Why would they indeed?
    Althought it is in their nature to be curious…

    Let’s trail them from a safe distance and find out, curiousity usually kills the cat… err Sylvari O-O

  38. Because he wanted to see the Double Rainbow!
    “OMG ITS A DOUBLE RAINBOW, So intense!”

    Am i right ;)?

  39. Because the whole world is new and exciting for the Sylvari, and unlike the chicken, Human and Charr, very few of their kind have crossed any roads at all. (Asura of course don’t have time to cross because of all their awesome arcanoribonoctulum theorems and such, while Norn are more likely to kill a road than cross it)

  40. to find their alder ago in the nightmare court ;)

    best I could do, good luck keeping the server up x

  41. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    I’m sure to ask a Norn some of their make-up!

  42. its a trick question, the sylvari didnt cross the road, as they sylvari havent been implemented yet

  43. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because it hadn’t unlocked that part of the map yet.

  44. To make a deal with the char, the deal is the sylvari will provide fresh food in exchange for protection against the other races so they can unite, peacefully

  45. They crossed the road to see how lovely the world can be and to feel the magic on the other side of the road.

  46. the sylvari crossed the road because they know right after their awaking they are ment for a change in the everlasting world of Tyria, meant to be part of the team who’s destiny it is to defeat Zhaitan and to bring peace back in Tyria.

  47. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    It was just a simple explainable Bio-Mechanical reaction found in all Sylvari in which was a response to a given stimuli at a precise moment in time and space.

  48. Why did the sylvari cross the road with a clever, bookah answer?
    Because that is what botanists do: cross one species with another to get a new one. This one has probably tried to create a “Path to Knowledge”.

  49. So you want to hear the story “Why did the sylvari cross the road?”, huh? Well ok pals, sit down and listen. At the begenning there was a dream. Dream about plants and trees, earth and nature. But then the dark times came upon Tyria and everything has struggled. There was no one, that would take care about it. Old races took care about themselves. And in these bad days dream has came to exist. The road – path which was divading dreams and reality – was crossed ans the First Sylvari was born.

  50. To begin her journey in the Ascalonian Catacombs with her partner Olak, the Warrior Norn. But suddenly a portal opens in front of them that takes them to the Wall. It is the dead of night. Wights and wildlings are approaching. The night is dark and full of terrors. Olak and the Sylvari unsheathe their swords…

  51. He wished he could stick around but had to leaf, you might not bay leaf him but he had to go branch out. He need to pro-seed to the other side and when asked why he crossed the road, he said from his own Tulips, “I don’t have the thyme, I am digging this Herb-un enviroment but I must return to my roots.”

  52. Why would anyone cross the road? That is a silly question. Why do these silly Charr parade up and down with their steel machines, or the Asura covet their crazy worthwhile inventions? There is so much out there to learn! So much to explore! So the answer to your question, silly human: For Adventure!

  53. To go.. to Guild Wars 2.. Beta weekend.. Sleep on the warm.. grass of gw2. And.. because.. all he ever wanted.. to ever do.. was to join a beta weekend.. He loves Beta Weekends.. and never been in one! *sadface* help this poor slyvari cross the road to Beta Weekend!

  54. To find the legendary ultimate beautiful …flower. Besides crossing the road is only the beginning of an adventure

  55. As Darwin would say it “It was the logical next step after coming down from the trees.”

  56. To survive the attack from deadly shadow panda ninja whose killing vunerable Sylviari, because he is psycho fan of World Of Warcarft

  57. You have here asked a deep philosophical question, unanswerable by use mere mortals in this day and age. Before a substantial answer to this question is available, I suggest 40 hours of meditation every week, without breaks for about 27 years. Only then will we know of the true answer of why the sylvari crossed the road.

  58. DON’T DO IT, SYLVARI! We all know this is code for killing yourself! You’ve so much to live for, come on. Put down that dagger and ride with me to the Grove! Also, you owe me twenty coins.

  59. Why are you bothering me with silly questions about a race of beings who use the sun to feed? Cant you see im busy tweaking my “Spenoflange”. They are needed for the operational use of the… you know what. I dont think your inferior intellect would understand. So remind me why your here again?

  60. Q: “Why did the sylvari cross the road?”
    A: because bush don’t grow everywhere

  61. Why did the sylvari cross the road?: Cause the grass is always greener on the other side :)

  62. to yell at the asura for calling her an ignorant clog and calling magic a tool of course

  63. Because in one side there is a human and in the other side there was the other half of their being, a tree! And after that The Sylvari Becames Complete!

  64. because they are finally available to play in next BWE and they crossed imaginary road

  65. Because there was a *censored*
    (*It was written on the Ventari Tablet that the upper sentence should remain censored*)

  66. To get to the treehouse meeting. In this meeting they are deciding what to do with the 20 Beta-keys.

  67. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because it was getting attacked by hungry beavers :)

  68. To get to the other… seed? Is that an adequately terrible pun? I hope it’s an adequately terrible pun.

  69. Because he saw that a Guild Wars 2 gamebox fell of a wagon and wanted to run as fast as possible to secure his copy.

  70. Why did the Sylvari cross the road?
    To get back to The Grove of course. Or that’s where the sun was shining!

  71. Due to their curious nature, I’d say “to get to the other side” isn’t accurate, to explore the other side is more like it ;)

  72. To check their emails, if they got invitation to to beta weekend :P, not really, from different side of the thing u can say because they had better living there. And since they are closely connected to nature i can only think of this. The sylvarri have crossed the road beacause nature was far more cleaner there, not so polluted from charr warmachines or asuran inventions and experiments. am i right ? :D

  73. Q: Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    A: Becaus he is going shopinng to Forest of Niflhel for some new fashionable leaves

  74. Why did the Sylvari cross the road?

    To get away from the destroyers that were chasing it.

  75. Why the sylvary crossed the road?
    Oh, that’s a tricky story!
    I think it all began… let’s see… When a Human named George, and a Norn named William went on a hunt. They were hungry, indeed. Because they had been fighting epic fights all day, and they had not seen even a drop of water for the whole day. Suddenly, George started to hallucinate and did by mistake perceive a wandering sylvary coming by to be a deer. He ran and ran for his target, which was about a minute from him. However, it took as much as 40 seconds before the sylvari had spotted the haywired human. Paniced, seeing the sword leaning towards him made him turn around quickly around, and run. Run OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY. And finally, he saw this road you are talking about, and that’s also why he crossed it, because he was being hunted by a human…

  76. To learn from the ghosts she saw on the oher side… Being a curious race, and a necro, she figured it would help…

  77. because the sylvari are a new race , which drives their need for knowledge , as such the sylvari wanted to meet the chick on the other side of the road :D

  78. because she wants to go to Ascalon and the people there to protect from the danger of the new dragon boss

  79. To see if the grass was greener on the other side, because if it was, it would get a beta key.

  80. To fly high into the sky and meet there god, where she asks for a beta key for Guild Wars2, but the god told her he needs his key for himself.

  81. To plant a beautiful everlasting tree, which would represent the very essence of the sylvary’s life: eternity granted by nature. Her plan was that one day, after her journey succeeds, she would do a pilgrimage back to that very spot and think of what she had experienced and learned throughout her adventures. The tree would also serve as a friend to the sylvari, who would be there for her whenever she needs someone who she can connect with. This connection is not a physical bond, nor a mental one, but a spiritual one, where the sylvari’s curious and witty soul would dance with the tree’s wise and peaceful spirit in a breathtaking moment, in which all the flowers, animals and trees around would sing melodies which would pierce the souls of every living creature and would fill them with happiness, awe and calmness.

  82. Because the wind happened to blow in that particular direction, his name is Joe Tumbleweed.

  83. Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    Because the road wasn’t able to cross the sylvari.

  84. Why did the sylvari cross the road? To give me the beta key for Guild Wars 2 so I can help them kill Ten Rats

  85. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because he/she wanted to make like a tree and leave!

  86. He crosses the road to join his family in front, and with the hope of the family build a bridge over this road to prevent animals were crushed. ☺

  87. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because he wanted the mysterious candy that some bookah had left there. But it was a trap! It was asura experiment that made the sylvari go back to the other side of the road that he left from. And so, many more sylvari fell into this trap. But one day the sylvari would finaly cross the road with big smile!

  88. Roadness of the path she was taking was not to her satisfaction. After much consideration and arriving at the conclusion of how short, and ultimately pointless, the life shall be in this boring and totally known place she decided to live the life to the fullest! That’s right – I AM what I will! And by gods, I will cross that road and find the roadness of which only few ever dared to dream! Because this is MY ROAD and I decide of where I wish to walk upon it!
    Cruel fate! You will no longer hold a grasp on me, from now on I will live on the on the very edge of danger! Adventure come forth..! Danger – I laugh in your face, I challenge you!
    I will be no longer just the feet stomping upon your soulless grounds! I WILL tame you! I will Own you!
    Even.. even if..
    Today.. I’ll have to dine in HELL!

  89. The Sylvari Cant Cross A road its Only in GW2 Were Thy Can Cross A Road And In GW2 Thy Crossed The Road To Get A Peace of Action.. Killing Bosses,Doing Events. I Would Love 2 be in the Next beta Please Guys Help A Bloke Out.. All my friends Got The game But me.. And thy Cross They Road because Thy Felt Like Doing that.. Sylvari ROCK

  90. They Crossed the road because it was their destiny to cross it and go to the other side. Not to fight but to find the peace in their hearts!

  91. Because of sylvari has heard that the dark side of his people paid with cookies. And the dark side is just on the other side ^ ^

  92. they cross the street to learn, experience and understand what is going on at the otherside of the street.

  93. Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    Because the salad is always greener on the other side

  94. Why did the Sylvari cross the road?

    To escape the herbicides being sprayed by conventional farmers.

  95. To avoid being destroyed by the Mighty Char and his Lawnmower!

    (Sylvari is impossible to spot in High grass)

  96. Because he was sick of everyone asking why the chicken had crossed the road, so he went to find out for himself only to find that it in fact was no a road, it was the inner working of his mind reveling repressed memories of his great great uncle, the chicken whom had gone on the great journey to explore new possibilitys for his family, so in short the Sylvari had found that beyond the road, was where his family’s history had began.

  97. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    -> Because she saw a really pretty new home in the tree on the other side.

  98. since he saw a sexy female sylvari on the other side, and wanted to shoot some more blades of grass into her~

  99. the real answer is that the sylvari is actually dead and is reaching the other side or the afterlife, the life of happiness and exploration, to discover the true meaning of its existence, the afterlife of peace and prosperity

  100. To find the one ring of power of course! Oh… wait… that’s not guild wars at all!! oops!

  101. To evade the scorching ball of fire rushing towards him, hurled from my fingertips. It was his only method of escape, for he had a mission. A mission to see his family once more, to live on and fight for another day.

    Barley able to make it across the road, a sudden moment of clarity washed over him. He knew he did all he could, and with that he was content. Right before BURNING to a crisp.

    I then stood there above him laughing at his pathetic attempt to flee. His corpse turning to ash, blowing away in the wind. Consumed by my own madness I then walked away into the distance to find my next victim. To obliterate any one who dared attempt, to cross my road.

  102. To make like a tree and branch out to discover their roots. Knock on wood, they won’t be barking up the wrong tree.

  103. Because he was finished with work for the day and he had to get to the leafy highway in order to be able to meet his beautiful sylvari wife and kids at home in time for their favorite dish; oven roasted chicken. :P

  104. He thought the first side he was on was the correct one, but then he realized he was barking up the wrong tree.

  105. Because he didnt know where they are taking hobbits,and he was going to ask about it …

  106. He crossed to road to kill the ten rats who were eating the ten beautiful red roses he was going to give to his crush(A female Sylvari with huge breats).

  107. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    To chomp his brother , an elegant and brave tree :3

  108. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because there was this Charrming creature on the other side. But neither the Sylvari Norn the creature could talk so they just made Asure smiling at each other the Human way :)

  109. Because when they found out that i was not invited to the beta yet, they wanted to have a little talk with Arena Net.

  110. Q: Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    A: Curiosity.

    (…is and answer to everything Sylvari related)

  111. to start an adventure and find some other brave brothers/sisters to rule GW2 world

  112. because to protect the people from Tyra, of course, it must first cross the path of the death of many mobs (enemies) and wait, of course, flying dragons on it already when I get Guild Wars 2 beta key, I can help it, of course;)

  113. The Sylvari never crossed the road. It was actually the road that moved under the Sylvari, as a result of an abnormal environmental distortion caused by a failure in programming of an Asura Gate nearby! That was a question to be expected from a silly Bookah as yourself!

  114. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because on the other side of the road he pointed out some sexy trees, which could “climb”. U know what I mean

  115. To spread the seeds of his conviction in this strange country on the other side of the road

  116. Sylvari crossed the road because of charr on the other side who was talking rude about tyria

  117. Because his never ending quest for knowledge demanded it. And he wanted to know what the other side smelled like; the previous one was nasty.

  118. why did sylvari cross the road?

    because they got tired of the old RPG playing style (“DIABLO3”) so they cross the road to a better place “GW2” :D !!!!!!

  119. To run from a quest and the pain of waiting for 30 strangers to raid something that probably wont make the Sylvari happy, and he decided to adventure to Tyria and see the magic of the dynamic events.

  120. Q: Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    A: To crash the killtenrats.com website, of course :)

  121. Because he was chasing the sugarplum faries! He hung out with one of them last weekend and fell madly in love, but he lost her number and wanted to see if they would hit it off if they went on a second date.

  122. Foolish bookah! I shall answer your prompt with a question: if a Sylvari fell in the woods, and no one was around to hear it, how many foolish non-Asura would it take to realize the philosophical underpinnings of the distinction between sound as a physical idea and sound as a perception of the world around us?

  123. Because after crossing road, sylvari was able to start hitchhiking in the direction that sylvari wanted to =)

  124. To die… Seriously though, “To get the other side” is the original end to the joke which bassicly means get to the the other side of life ie. die. Silly bookah :( PS. are there even roads in Tyria?

  125. Because they were tricked into some sort of crazy experiment by a particularly unsavory asura. Possibly the great. great. great grandson of Zinn.

  126. Because the chicken was chasing him with a chainsaw. And now we know why the chicken crossed the road.

  127. Because if she didn’t, there would be no situation in which to construct a joke about.

  128. Because some amazing dev put them in the game. And the road has no end, that’s why we still can saw them.

  129. Because, if the Pale Tree will not come to the Sylvari, the Sylvari will go to the Pale Tree.

  130. To plant some trees in the desert and to reach the computer before their spouse to get a Guild wars 2 beta key

  131. Because he had dendrophilia and there, on the other side, was an astonishing flowering tree.

  132. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    because she saw enough bad things and want to change the world

  133. To run from the humans trying to find the Sylvari’s power source. They thought that he could know, so they chase him through all the forest. In the other side of the road there was a dragon that prepared to burst a wall of flames right into their heads. Humans got caught, but the smart Sylvari run to an old cottage, opened the door, got on the floor and everybody walked the dinossaur.

  134. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    To hug mrs. sylvary after going away for a long time in GW1

  135. “Why did the Sylvari cross the Road?”

    Silly, they are one with the roads..trees…all of it..

  136. Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    Because the nature had a task for the sylvari and that task was to hun 10 rats across the road !

  137. Because plants are phototropic, and it was sunnier over there.
    Oh how I love nerd humor, can I haz beta plz? :3

  138. because they wanted to see how the place in which they have previously been looks like from the other side of the road.

  139. Because he had just grown into adulthood, and as everybody knows when a Sylvari becomes full grown he must embark on a journey of self-discovery. What this means for our Sylvari hero is that he must leaf his forest homeland and adventure into the world of Men and become prosperous. Will he be able to photosynthesise the strange sights of the city and the unique traditions of its inhabitants? Will he be able to plant his roots and dig deep when his future as a Sylvari depends on it? This summer, join Sid the Sylvari in a journey of discovery as he leafs his home… and crosses the road into the world of Man.

  140. According to basic Asuran Asuphysics, the Sylvari do not cross roads but rather travel over them by means of tendrils. You are clearly simplifying the problem more than a proper Asura should.

  141. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    In order to escape her WoW subscription, of course!

  142. Because they had a dream. A dream of hunting elder dragons on the other side of the road. One must always follow their dreams – especially when they involve hunting dragons.

  143. the silvari (plural); John melon, paul Mccorny, George Hariceson and Ringo Starrberry.
    crossed the road to get a picture for their new album
    they are the wheatels ^^

  144. Why did the Sylvari cross the road?

    To see if the grass is always greener on the other side.

  145. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    She wanted to em-bark on a new adventure and leaf her old life be-vined!

  146. Because their quest target is on the other side of the road. Or maybe they hope to find a treasure.^^

  147. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Because he didn’t have enough gold to access the nearest way point where his friends were competing in a dynamic event. XD

  148. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    Road? That wasn’t a road, just the many corpses of plant-haters >:3

  149. Why did the sylvari cross the road?

    They didn’t, They were following the teachings of ventari and roran, and just like every respectful sylvari, they knew roads were too dangerous. So instead they went to battle the elder dragons, to become heroes of tyria. Then they all went home, ate mushroom stew. and lived happily ever after.

  150. Because the road was down the middle of her living room!
    Silly humans, not paying enough attention to the natural world…

  151. The Silvari didn’t cross the road he stayed to protect my house from the ZOMBIES as every good PLANT should

  152. Why did the sylvari cross the road?
    Because angry mob after him, didn’t have courage to do that…

  153. To hope to grasp a fleeting glimpse of where they may dream of an enigmatic danger that threatens this land :P

  154. To see if the story of the two tomatoes crossing the road really was true. and if it was. What will the sylvari become when a car comes?

  155. Sylvari crossed the road because it was set at the birth by the Great tree to find their way to perfect Blossom.