Have You Seen My Classes Around Here?

My favorite kind of class to play in an MMORPG is a thief type. Stealthy with high damage potential. Problem is, these classes tend to be hard to play solo. So usually I end up being a fighter so I can actually finish quests and such. It’s not the class I really want, therefore I eventually get bored and quit the game altogether.

In Anarchy Online, I was immediately drawn to the Fixer. The idea of being able to hack into stuff was cool. Unfortunately, the class really did not have any use for such skills and I ended up being a weak, slow levelling fighter. But at least, I could run real fast. Run away that is.

In Star Wars: Galaxies, I picked a Smuggler. This sounded great too, but I just ended up helping people make their gun do more damage. I also could not stand the visuals in this game. And where were all the players? Freaking world is abandoned all the time.

Asheron’s Call 2 did not have any thief classes, so I chose something which seemed a little different: Feral Intendant. This class has a pet and is a melee tank god. With health drains and the ability to dish out (and take) a lot of damage, this class was clearly overpowered. Also very very fun. I hit the level cap for the first time in my life. Soon after, Turbine redesigned all the classes and I’ve never felt the magic return. Also, this game has no clue how to implement pets. They would straggle way behind and get stuck on everything. Half the time I had troubles summoning one. I don’t normally like playing pet classes, and luckily this class could play just fine without one.

In WoW, they have a Rogue. This class is just about perfect for me, other than the fact that I have been having problems soloing. That and the fact that they have several cool classes I wanted to try. I will likely play a Rogue when it goes retail. But for now, I’ve been trying out the other classes. The Druid is fun because you can transform into other beasts and thus play different roles. The Warrior is possibly the most fun melee class I’ve ever played. Lately, I’ve been playing a Hunter. You can tame a beast to fight by your side. You get a ranged weapon and a good melee weapon. This seems targeted at being the ultimate solo class. Blizzard still has plenty to implement in this class so we shall see, but so far so good.

I can hear people saying, why play an MMORPG when you prefer to solo? Well, I don’t prefer to solo, but I end up doing it most of the time because of my schedule and short moments of time available to play. I rarely have time to put a group together and quest/hunt for 4 hours. But I still try to when I can and therefore I play MMORPGs. I prefer to be with a group, it’s just not that easy to do all the time.

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