Why Did I Reactivate CoH?

Yeah, my account for City of Heroes is active again. I was sitting around at my computer, trying to think of something to do. Often when I feel that way I think about the fun times I’ve had in previous MMORPGs. Most of those fun times have involved 2 or 3 of the same people. One of them is playing CoH so I figured I’d try to hook up with him and give it another try.

Problem is, I still don’t enjoy the core gameplay. I can’t put my finger on it, but I can only do 2 or 3 missions before I feel the urge to log out and do something else. I’ve never had a character above level 10 (including my time in beta) so I would hope I’m missing out on the real fun still. I plan to pick one character and level them as far as I can to break past the previous max levels I’ve had.

Hopefully I will discover some new aspect of gameplay I’ve been missing out on.

World of Warcraft is still sitting on the back burner. I cannot come to grips with what is causing me to avoid it lately. I just seem to have no interest. Every class I’ve played is fun, for a while. Eventually I just get bored.

Been playing more BF:1942 (Desert Combat mod) lately. I am having a blast with that. Not any better at flying a helicopter yet. Quite the challenge. I still get a kick out of parachuting behind enemy lines and taking over a base single-handedly. Good times.

Latest MMORPG announcement? Star Trek MMORPG is now in development. Oh boy, I can see it now. The away team is in trouble so they call for someone to beam them up to the ship. Trouble is, the guy in charge of operating the transporter stepped away to make a sandwich.

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