Stupid People

After the announcement of the WoW servers being shut off due to a tornado related emergency, the official beta forums went crazy. Reactions ranged from “Are you mad? If I had a server farm hosted somewhere, it had better be up 24/7 or I’d see some heads roll.” to “Why aren’t your servers in a bunker underground?” to “A tornado in Irvine, CA? That is where your offices are and I checked the weather and there is no tornado there so you are all liars!”.

OK, read up idiots. This is a beta test. You are not paying for any customer service. You are not paying for anything. They are testing a game and there is no financial loss for them if they shut down for a day. They can do what they want to do. You do not know where the servers are. Perhaps they wanted to send the employees of the server location home to be with their families.

I say shut them down and take care of the important things. Also, you should kick every last person that complained on the forums about it off of the beta. I was disappointed, but I completely understand and support the decision. Carry on.

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