Not a lot going on lately. Went to the local ren fest and had fun there. Weather was nice. Haven’t been playing any games lately, but I’m thinking about going back to Anarchy Online since my friend that left City of Heroes is now playing AO again. However, since he started on a different server than my old account, I’m not sure I feel like starting all over.

Bought a computer from my brother. It’s his old P4 3.2GHz machine. Having two decent gaming rigs will allow me to try something I’ve wanted to for a long time; get my wife to try playing an MMORPG along side of me.

She has agreed to try, but I hold little hope that she will enjoy. At least it is a start. But what MMORPG to choose for a first time player, of the female variety? She would not likely enjoy the combat, at least not in the beginning. Possibly a healer class and me a good solo class so I won’t have to depend on her all the time, thus lowering any pressure. AC2? SW:G? FFXI? hmmmmm.

Oh, I just purchased a copy of Elric: The Making Of A Sorcerer #1″. Issue #2 should be out in December. Really looking forward to reading this series.

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