Damn You Inhibit

My good buddy Inhibit is going on a trip, just when he almost talks me into trying Anarchy Online again. Well, maybe I’ll still do it or maybe I’ll wait until he gets back. Or maybe I’ll just ignore it altogether. Too bad he is not in the World of Warcraft beta, I think he’d really enjoy it.

Been playing my Undead Rogue in WoW lately. Hit level 10 last night so I could start dual wielding. I have this unhealthy urge to dual wield in every game I play, usually with unhappy results. So far so good in WoW.

WoW is the solo paradise I’ve been looking for in an MMORPG. It is a real treat to accomplish most everything in the game just on your own wits. I can count the number of times I’ve grouped on one hand, and even then it was usually just because someone else was in the same spot doing the same quest. 5 minutes later I am on my own again.

The thing I really enjoy about the Rogue class in WoW is how hard it is to get in trouble. If things turn ugly, you have several methods of escape. Stun and run, a boosted run, or both if needed. I also enjoy going stealth and sneaking up on things. Backstab! I’ve been able to do many things with my Rogue that I would have had to fight my way into and out of with other classes. Several quests I’ve done have asked me to go into a camp and kill a named mob. Not having to fight through all the guards makes quick work of things, as well as an increased heart rate. Sneak in, kill the named mob, sneak out. The guards are left wondering what the heck happened.

And I have yet to even dabble in the poisons…

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