Rogue’s Journal, Month 10

Being a Rogue, I have often found it easy to pick up a job or two in small towns. I had been doing some small tasks for the town of Brill lately. I must have made a good impression as I was summoned to see one of the city leaders. After a small wait, he took me aside. He had been commanded to find an agent with proven worth against the Scourge. He found me. He could not tell me the details regarding the command which had fallen to him, but he could tell me it dealt with recruiting a wayward lich. That and a stern warning; it may be dangerous.

I was told to head into the Undercity to meet with Bethor Iceshard, a high-ranking and powerful mage, in the Magic Quarter. Off I went, soon passing under the Zeppelins. I’ll have to remember to write soon about those wonderous machines the goblins have put together to help move us long distances. One left the dock, passing it’s large shadow over me, as I walked by the base of the Zeppelin tower.

Entering the Ruins of Lordaeron, I was warmed by our past victories here. The trip to the Undercity is always pleasant for me. The odors are fantastic. Eventually I worked my way down far below the ruins into the Undercity. I walked through the bustle of the big city towards the Magic Quarter and finally to my goal.

Bethor greeted me, “There is a lich who dwells on an island in Brightwater Lake to the north of the Undercity. Although this lich is a free-willed Forsaken, he believes all other Undead are Scourge slaves and will order his minions to attack anyone who approaches him. But, because he is Forsaken, the Queen will want him. And if he is skilled in Necromancy, then his knowledge would be … quite useful to us. To discover his identity and his talents, I must see his spellbook. Steal into his camp and acquire it, then return to me.”

I accepted the quest, as I had grown weary of the simple tasks that the people of Brill were too lazy to do for themselves. I packed up some supplies and sheathed my two new daggers I had purchased from the auction house in Orgrimmar a few days before. They were nice and sharp, ready to do my stealthy bidding.

I hiked north from the Undercity, past Brill, until I found Brightwater Lake. My trip had been uneventful and thus I made good time. I slid into the lake, sinking to the bottom. Being Undead, not needing to breathe has it’s advantages. I could just walk across the bottom of the lake towards the island and nobody would have a chance to see me.

I surfaced under a dock on the shore of the island and surveyed my surroundings. A few minions were walking about so I slipped into the shadows to look for this lich. A couple of times a minion got too close for comfort so I was forced to silence them. Eventually I spotted the lich, and more importantly his spellbook. Staying mostly to the shadows and next to trees, I was able to sneak up to his camp and slide the book into my pack unnoticed. Back into the lake and on to the Undercity.

I handed the spellbook to Bethor and his eyes grew wide. The lich was well-known to Bethor, one by the name of Gunther Arcanus. After paying me a healthy reward, Bethor spoke. “Long ago Gunther and I, along with the now Scourge Necromancer Thule Ravenclaw, were friends and students within the Kirin Tor – a society of mages in Dalaran. Gunther and I both fell to the Plague, but I thought he either remained dead, or was raised into the ranks of the Lich King. It is good to know he is free. We must have him. I have placed a spell on his book that, when he sees it, will show him that I too am free of the Lich King. After knowing this, it is my hope that he will join us.”

I was asked if I would go back to the island and give the spellbook directly to Gunther. Considering that my financial status could use still more improvement, I greedily accepted.

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