Why I Love Rogues And World Of Warcraft

I have been sucked in. Big time. I started a Rogue in World of Warcraft again. My first attempt didn’t last long as I didn’t gell with the class right away for some reason.

I created an Undead Rogue since I’ve had enough of the Alliance quests for now. I gotta say, this is the most fun I have had in an MMORPG, and I’ve played them all.

Some of the cool things:

Stealth – You turn invisible to anyone near or below your level. You appear ghostly on your screen. You can sneak past most mobs near your level and sometimes even higher. It gives you another option if you don’t feel like fighting your way into a quest goal. Sneak in and sneak out. Success!

Dual Wielding – It works! WoW has implemented dual wielding in a way that doesn’t suck so bad that you give up on the coolness. It is very fun, and the Rogue is not the only class that can do it. There are at least 2 other classes that can dual wield, maybe more. I started out dual wielding daggers and later trained swords so now I can dual wield two of either, or one of each. Gives you a lot of options so if you loot something cool you can use it. Also, many weapons have stat mods on them so if you have two weapons with stat mods you get both of the mods.

Ranged Weapons – Many classes have a ranged attack option and the Rogue is no exception. The Rogue starts out with throwing knives as a weapon. They work fine for pulling, but don’t do much in the damage department at this stage of the game. Therefore, as soon as I found a bow trainer I picked up the bow and arrow. You could also choose guns if you so wished. There is a crossbow trainer as well, but I don’t recall seeing any crossbows in the game (I’m sure they are, I just have not come across one).

Killing Machine – The Rogue is a great solo class for my playstyle. I’m not levelling like mad due to time available to play, but this is the first game I’ve played where I don’t even care. There is so much to keep you interested in that you are often suprised when you level. If I come up against a mob of equal level, I can kill it by myself. Either sneak up in stealth and start with a back stab, or just pull out the bow and let loose with a few arrows. In the middle of battle, I can stun the mob. Doing so gives me a few options depending on the direction the battle is going. Losing? Now is a good time to run. Doing ok? Run around behind the mob and back stab him. Need a little healing? Apply a bandage and go back to fighting.

The Rogue’s fighting skills are interesting. There are some skills that build up for a finishing blow. You will see a little counter next to the mob’s icon, represented by 5 dots. Each time you use one of your skills that boost the finishing blow, it will light up a dot. Each dot is an increase of damage for the finishing blow. You can finish whenever you want, but it’s fun to get it up to 5 and see the big hurt.

Talents are another thing I love about WoW. It allows for you take take your class and then focus it in the ways you want to. For instance, on my Rogue I have reduced the cool down on a few skills I like to use. I have also added a talent that gives me a % bonus to the first attack after I make a kill. This helps for those adds that we all love to hate. You can add talents that increase your critical hit chances, increase your defense, etc.

Talents allow you to make a Warrior and focus him on offense or defense if you choose. It really is the extra flexibility that games like this need. Tailor your character to your own desires. No more will I make a Warrior only to find out that I HAVE to be the tank.

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