To Quit Or Not To Quit?

The World of Warcraft beta test is winding down in preparation for the (predicted) launch on November 15th of 2004. They have announced open beta signups will start soon, and then open beta will run for maybe 2 weeks if that (assuming the launch date is correct).

I’m starting to feel the impending doom of my beta character and it gets harder and harder to push into the game when I realize that I’ll be doing this again in a month or so.

I really tried to save a lot of the game content for after launch. I did not do any instanced dungeons. I did not go over level 18 (cap is 60) on the Alliance and over 14 on the Horde. I did try most classes to get a good feel of what they are basically about (this is the part that I normally do in the beginning of an MMORPG that takes up all my time and I end up with eight level 10 guys while all my friends are sitting on one level 45 guy).

Therefore, I’m kind of not playing WoW any more. Well, I do keep logging in to wander about, but I’m not going to try to level any more I think. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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