WoW Debates Character Wipe After Beta

Here we are, mere weeks away from retail (maybe), and the World of Warcraft devs are still trying to decide what to do about carrying characters from beta test over to retail.

You’d think that with all the previous blunders made by other devs, the option would be simple. Everything from beta gets wiped, with the sole exception of maybe reserving a character name.

But here are the devs: “We have yet to announce our plans for characters at the end of beta testing. We have heard many (many) reasons for both sides of the issue, and when we have finalized plans, we will announce them.” -Tyren

And another: “We have not yet given a decision on the possibility of a wipe from beta to retail.” -Caydiem, Assistant Community Manager, WoW

Make the right decision folks, wipe ’em. Wipe ’em all.

Edit: My brother brought up a good point. Perhaps they are just trying to keep everyone playing. It is possible that announcing a character wipe at the end of beta now could cause some people to stop testing the game until retail starts. *ahem*

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