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I spent more time playing World of Warcraft in the past 3 days then I have ever played an MMOG in 3 days. I have been having a blast. Other than 2 times getting into a queue (maximum wait 10 minutes) I have been able to log straight in and this is on one of the most popular servers according to the sign in page.

I am playing an Undead Mage now, putting my Rogue on the back burner. I decided that after all the time playing a Rogue in beta (both in Alliance and Horde), I needed a little change of pace. So I created an Undead Mage and I have never played a Mage before in any MMOG. As soon as I reached level 6 (about 2 hours) I made the run to the Orc/Troll lands to do those quests. I had not done any Orc/Troll area quests so this is like playing the game for the first time and I am having a blast. Got to level 9 last night, almost 10.

That is one of the best things about this game, there are 4 different newbie areas to experience and they are all different. You could play 4 different characters in this game and never do the same quest, well at least the first 20 levels or so. After that it narrows down into Alliance and Horde so you will see some quests eventually. But still, 2 characters without EVER seeing the same quest twice. Lots of replay value.

Needless to say, Blizzard is blowing them all away. EQ is dead, long live the new champion: World of Warcraft!

One more thing. World of Warcraft is up to 88 servers now. Yeah, 88. Unreal.

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