It’s Not All Roses In Azeroth

Had some free time tonight to play a little WoW. I log in and up comes the “Retrieving Characters” box and then … nothing. 15 minutes later, nothing. Hit the forums (something I loathe to do in any MMOG) and find out they are having some problems with some of the servers, they are not sure what is going on, so they are rebooting some of them. They project that they will be back online in 45 minutes or so. An hour later, still down.

Fine, I figure I’ll log into some of the pacific servers which always have low population. Change region and pick a different server and click ok. “Connecting…” and then nothing. Try another server. Nothing. Great.

I had been relatively unaffected by the occasional server issues they have been having, but it seems like it has been getting worse, not better. I just hope it doesn’t get too much worse before it starts getting better. At least they are extending the “free” month for the problems we are having.

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