WoW Feature Spotlight #1

I am going to talk about some of my favorite features of World of Warcraft over the next few weeks or so, just because I can.

Up first: Sharing Quests

“You can share your quests with your entire party. In order to utilize this option, you need to open your quest log, select a quest, and press the “Share Quest” button. All members of your party will now be presented with the quest like you were the quest giver NPC.

Some restrictions:

1. You can only share with party members

2. Party members must be nearby when you share

3. Party members must meet the pre-requisites of the quest itself. For example, if you are on step 2 of a quest and your friend is still on step 1, you could not give him a “short-cut” to step 2.

4. Quests generated from items cannot be shared.”

OK, here is how this works: You get a quest to go get some gold dust that is dropped by creatures in a mine. You head out there. When you arrive at the mine, you spot 2 people getting ready to enter the mine. You ask them if they are doing the “gold dust” quest. They say they are doing a quest that requires they kill 10 miners, but they have not heard of the “gold dust” quest. They add you to the party. They can now share their “kill” quest with you and you accept it. You can share the “gold dust” quest with them and they accept it. Now instead of each of you having to kill 10 miners, you only need to kill 10 amongst your group. While looting them, you will all be able to retrieve gold dust as well. If there was a quest to kill an elite mob, you would all be able to loot the quest objective when you kill it as a group. You do not need to kill it once for each person.

No more waiting for one person to go “acquire” the quest. You can give it to them directly.

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