OMGWTF! Stealth Nerf! FFS!

I came across this thread on the WoW forums today and thought it interesting how quickly people jump on a bandwagon with no facts to back it up.

It starts with:

Blizzard saw fit to completely remove the Doomguards purpose for higher end raiding – Cripple no longer works on bosses (which it did before).

And then the others join in:

All of that gets blown away by a nerf which isn’t even listed. Fantastic.

Why give classes abilities if you’re going to negate them in the content you really need them for?

yay, I LOVE it when Blizzard lies, (o w wont make anymore changes without telling you) and goes and nerfs ONCE more, the class thats been nerfed like 5 times since release, thats already broken to an extreme….

The thing that bugs me about this nerf, is just the sheer magnitude of it. A small decrease in imp health? Ok fine. Seduce breaking earlier in pvp? Sure to that as well, not a game breaking deal. The warlocks best debuff being nuked and obliterated without so much as a mention? On an entirely different tier of severity.

Why do I pay you? I am confused as to why you take my money. Is it to provide a game in which I enjoy, or a game in which aggrivates me to death upon hearing about the not so elusive stealth nerfs occuring with no prior notification.

Finally a dev responds:

I saw this thread and found it somewhat surprising. No one had made any changes to the Doomguard or to any of the Molten Core bosses on the live servers. So Daelo and I logged into Kilrogg and tested out the Doomguard on some of the Molten Core bosses and cripple stuck to them. We then came back to this thread and noticed that Protous (the original poster) was on Archimonde. In the name of being diligent, we logged on to Archimonde and conducted a new test. Once again, Cripple stuck on the bosses.

Could you please provide more information than, �Blizzard saw fit to completely remove the Doomguards purpose for higher end raiding – Cripple no longer works on bosses�? I�m more than happy to make sure nothing got nerfed but you�ve got to try to work with us a little bit. Which boss did you fight that was immune?

As a side note, the Doomguard�s cripple is not intended to work on every boss in the game. While we find it an interesting mechanic for some encounters, we don�t want Warlocks using this on every boss in the game. Some bosses WILL be immune to the spell. But nothing should have changed overnight. No �stealth� nerf was ever planned.

I just love it when someone has one thing happen in a game with random numbers deciding gameplay and they automatically assume it was a stealth nerf without doing any testing. And then other people jump right along with them. At least there were a few logical responses in there by people with functioning brain cells.

The dev response was a beautiful piece of communication and customer service. Bravo!

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