I double click on the World of Warcraft icon on my desktop. A note pops up telling me a few servers are offline. None of them are mine. Log in and get “Authenticating” and that is it. No game, no fun, no community – nothing.

Sometimes a game just picks the wrong time to act like a piece of garbage. I’m not in a very forgiving mood tonight.

UPDATE: City of Heroes just got another month out of me… I’ll give it 30 days. WoW will be my backup for the next month.

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One thought on “Authenticating…”

  1. I had the same thing happen. I waited probably 5-10 minutes for it and it finally authenticated and logged in to the character select screen. Apparently, my server (Bleeding Hollow) wasn’t very stable at that time. Once I switched to a different server, I could log in a character with no problem. About 5 minutes after I discovered this, my server was rebooted (it disappeared from the server list then came back) and I could log in with no problems.

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