It’s A Rave!

The last time I played City of Heroes, I remembered doing a mission where I had to rescue some people taken hostage at a “Rave”. In reality, it was just a warehouse with people running around inside it.

The first mission I got the other day was this exact one. The loading screen when I entered the warehouse showed a picture of booze bottles and party lights. I laughed, remembering the former reality.

Upon entering, I knew they had changed it. I could hear music thumping away in the background and the lighting was quite different. Eventually I got to the party area. Laser light show, loud music, and even the booze bottles. The changed it so it actually looked like a rave! I was tempted to hang out and dance after arresting all the bad guys.

One other thing, what is up with all the badges? I don’t recall this so it must be new. I was awarded a badge shortly after the tutorial. Also, several people in the tutorial were looking for people to team up for “the badge”. Anyone want to fill me in on why I should care about them?

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  1. Some badges are for show, other badges that are in a set can give you a permanent ability. A freeze ray, a bonus to energy that kind of thing.

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