EQ2 Continues To Impress Me

I picked up this news item from CorpNews.

Everquest 2 has released yet another producer’s roundtable. This one has an announcement that I think is very cool. They are adding mentoring to the game. Like City of Heroes, you can have a high level player work with a low level player.

The basic of it are as follows. A high level player selects a low level player, right-clicks and chooses to mentor them. The effect of this is that it drops the high level player down to the apprentice’s level. The mentor can use any spells/skills that would be appropriate for the apprentice’s level. They do not need to change armor or weapons, so I assume they are going to temporarily downgrade their power.

Both the mentor and the apprentice will gain XP. The mentor at a slightly lower rate than they would normally and the apprentice at a slightly higher level. The apprentice can have up to 5 mentors at one time and each gives the apprentice a small boost in XP.

Meanwhile World of Warcraft put up the latest “under development” page here. Unless the line that says “Please note: The New Features list is a sneak peek. It does not contain every addition, change, or bug fix going in the next patch.” is covering for a lot of stuff, I am quite disappointed in Blizzard’s effort to add new content and bug fixes. They have been well below the curve of most other MMORPG devs when it comes to speedy updates and this does not make me think it will change any time soon. But hey, chat bubbles man. That’s important stuff.

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2 thoughts on “EQ2 Continues To Impress Me”

  1. The mentoring system sounds better and more consistent with what they did in CoH. If it doesn’t become a new powerlevelling/obligatory mechanic to maximize your growth.

    And about WoW the general opinion is that you are supposed to give out your best shots when you release a sneak peek. I really don’t believe they have much behind the scenes to show.

  2. I believe EQ2 is gonna win this in the long run. SOE has always delivered more content than their competitors, and that’s what matters. Any game can hook you for a few months, it’s the one’s that get you playing for years that make the difference. Blizzard is going to have to keep up with SOE’s beat or they’re going to lag behind. It would appear that they already are, as SOE just announced EQ2’s first expansion, and for only five bucks no less, while Blizzard is still trying to get their servers on their feet.

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