An Experiment Of Sorts

One of the largest problems I have had to deal with when playing MMORPGs is that I do not have a lot of free time to play. This causes the people I know and prefer to group with to out-level me pretty soon and then it becomes game over soon after. Truth be told, if I can’t group with them, I’d rather go solo.

When we start a new game it is fun, we play together, everything is great. Two weeks later my brother is double or triple my level and my friends are usually twice my level. Hello solo city.

I have tried, with not much success, to encourage them to make a 2nd character that they would play only when I am online. A static group of sorts. Sounds good at first but before I know it everyone is doing a quest that takes 3 hours and they are 30 minutes into it. Sorry bro, maybe we can hook up tomorrow night.

Well, last night I tried this once again, this time in City of Heroes. Inhibit is cool about it as he solos most of the time anyway so it is easy to leave a mission. He rolled up a second character to participate in this project.

My brother is attempting to toss a wrench into the works by professing a need to only play one character. He figures that he will just get exemplared down to one of us so we can still do this. I figure he will be 30 minutes into a 3 hour task force mission soon enough. If not that, the exemplar process may not work as we think it will.

So, I am expecting this to be just a duo team most of the time with just me and Inhibit. If so, I will be quite happy as we have been doing this over the last week and it was going well. If my brother is available, we will add him in somehow. If nobody else is on, I will play my solo character.

I hope it lasts for a while as last night’s session was a lot of fun.

Our group consists of an empathy/dark defender (Inhibit’s character), a dark/dark scrapper (my brother’s character) and an illusion/kenetics controller (mine). We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. One of the great things about CoH is the sidekick/exemplar system. When I used to play it, I’d often play with a mate of mine who was 8 or so levels below me. Didn’t matter how far or close we were in terms of levels though as in a duo I could always sidekick him up to near my level.

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