Super Day 2

[City of Heroes] Our static group has completed day two of the grand plan. We spent about 2 hours each night for the last two nights. Day one left us at level 4 and day two left us at level 6. Actually, my brother is level 7 because he did some solo crime fighting before I got online.

Mostly there is no plan during fights as we are still trying to get comfortable with our powers and when to use them. Nobody has died yet but we came close a few times in the Hollows last night when we took on groups of 10 or 12 bad guys at once. Having the defender heals has helped a lot as well as my group heal to fill in the gaps.

Only problem so far is that when I hit level 6 I took the wrong power. I made two templates for my character; one solo and one group. I looked at the solo sheet last night instead of the group sheet. So now I need to change the order of my level 8 and 10 powers to get back on track. I will be back to where I should be by level 10 so it was not too big of a mistake.

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