Reroll Night

[City of Heroes] Last night was reroll night. We all logged into the game and started chatting some. My brother (scrapper) did not like the choices he made and wanted to start over since we were still rather low level. Inhibit and I thought that the two of us (controller and defender) did not make a very good duo for the times when my brother was not playing. So we all rerolled.

I now have a fire/fire tanker, my brother went with a ma/regen scrapper and Inhibit has an empathy/radiation defender. So far it seems like a much more solid group.

Still, three nights in a row we all managed to log in. That must be some kind of record.

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  1. **I now have a fire/fire tanker, my brother went with a ma/regen scrapper and Inhibit has an empathy/radiation defender. So far it seems like a much more solid group.**

    They all sound like good solid choices. Regeneration is about the best secondary for a scrapper, and Martial Arts gives you that satisfying feeling of one-shotting a minion AND kicking him all the way across the room with a well slotted Crane Kick.

    I’m sure you’ve already done all your research on this, but I’ll give you a little info about the Fire/Fire tanker anyway. First of all, you should work on your defenses and get taunt as soon as you can. In your group, you will be the walking shield until you get about 20th. I’ll explain the “about 20th” in a moment. You have a Fire Shield which gives you base 30% resist to Fire & Smash/Lethal. You will get a Plasma Shield which gives you 30% base resist to Energy/Negative. Work on slotting those up (even the training enhancers help, if not that much) and get taunt.

    Now, for the explanation. By 20th level, you’d ideally like to have Stamina from the fitness pool worked into your build. This is because all tanks, but especially fire tanks, are endurance HOGS. You swig it down faster than frat boys swig booze. So you will have to pick up, as some point: swift/or health, health/or hurdle, then finally at 20th level Stamina. Before then, by 18th, you will WANT to pick up BURN. This is your primary damage. You create a happy lil bonfire patch in which anything standing in it takes small amounts of damage very fast. You will slot this with damage. This will convert you from the punching bag for the group to the punching bag/roasts the villains to death guy. Once you have your defenses and Burn slotted, you will rush into a pack of guys, taunt them into a nice lil circle around you, then light them up. You will be amazed how fast (for a tanker) you will burn them down. Your martial artist friend will still be the single target “did you see him one-shot that orange Lt. ?” king, but you will cause minion and Lt. Area of Affect hell. Enjoy.

    Welcome to Fire Tank Club. The first rule of Fire Tank Club is: don’t talk about Fire Tank Club. ;)

  2. Heh, thanks for the tips. I must say, the CoH forums are one of the better MMORPG forums I have read. Normally I avoid them like the plague but the CoH forums actually have people discussing pros and cons like civilized human beings (for the most part).

    What’s this about a Fire Tank Club. Never heard of such a thing. ;)

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