Costume Contests Everywhere

This morning I had some free time so I logged into City of Heroes. Of course nobody from my static team was on so I just stood around looking at costumes. Eventually people started having costume contests. I entered three of them and won two of them. One was for “ugliest” costume. I logged on my ugliest alt for that one, hehe. The contest I didn’t win was won by a girl in a very small outfit. It basically looked like a swimsuit, a very small swimsuit. Also, some nice high level guy offered 100,000 influence to everyone that came up to him. I added him to my friend’s list in case I ever get a chance to pay him back.

Total profit: 230,000 influence. Not bad, eh?

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2 thoughts on “Costume Contests Everywhere”

  1. COH sounds like it has a cohesive community. I didn’t play the game long enough to experience or witness that part of it, but nice work on their part in creating an environment for viable communities to develop.

  2. If there is one thing they have in that game it is player run contests. I’ve seen foot races, contests for costumes and character background stories and even contests like hide and seek. They are always happening and it does give you a little something else to do when you don’t feel like bashing bad guys. I do like the fact that most everything involves being creative. I’ve seen and read a lot of creative things in CoH.

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