Super Day 6

[City of Heroes] Super Day 6 almost didn’t happen and it was my fault. My wife and kids had plans last night and I expected them home about the time I normally start gaming so I just did a little soloing in CoH. The time they were due back came and went.

I decided to give my wife a call on her cell phone and see how they were doing. I make the call but I hear her cell phone ringing upstairs. I go up there and see she forgot her cell phone.

Well, I know where she went and it was not far away so I figured I would drive out to see if everything was ok. I looked everywhere but could not find my car keys. Figuring she grabbed my keys accidentally, I looked for hers. Nowhere to be seen.

Well, I grabbed a spare set of keys (car and house) and took a drive. Thankfully they were there and all was well, they just lost track of time. And she did have both sets of keys with her.

By the time they got home and we got the kids in bed it was almost the time I normally stop playing. I logged in and found Inhibit. IM’d my brother and he said he would log in for a few missions.

We did two missions and my brother had to log out. Inhibit and I were close to level 8 so we just ran around town taking on groups of greens and blues. We both hit 8 and logged out for the night.

Nothing of note happened, just ordinary game play.

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