Return To Warcraft

[World of Warcraft] With the weekend filled with plans away from home, I did not have any time for online gaming. When I finally got home tonight I decided to spend a little time back in WoW. It felt good to be back.

I levelled my Undead Rogue to 23 (that’s him in the title above) and for a change of pace I played a female Night Elf Druid up to level 5. The Druid is on a totally different server than my normal server. I started her on a Role Play server. I don’t normally play female characters so this may be interesting. It was one of those cases where I had a character already envisioned in my mind and the name I came up with did not feel right as anything other than a female. I don’t really plan to play the Druid too much, but I just wanted to try something different tonight.

On another note, well wishes go out to my good friend Inhibit. He’s been fighting off illness for a little while now. Hope you feel better soon, bro.

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