Busy Super Hero, No Time For You

I think it is funny when you are playing City of Heroes that as you go up in levels, you stop saving citizens if the badguys aren’t worth your time. You see a crowd of greys picking on some lady, taking her purse. You think, “No XP there, sorry lady!” and run along figuring that some junior Super will be along shortly. Certainly she can wait a few more minutes.

Sad thing is, fighting a mob of greys is about the only time you feel like a Super Hero. One or two punches and they are all down for the count. Boom baby. Run through a dangerous part of town and you are suddenly made of glass. That just ain’t right.

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2 thoughts on “Busy Super Hero, No Time For You”

  1. **Sad thing is, fighting a mob of greys is about the only time you feel like a Super Hero. **

    In the levels 10 to 22 that’s true. I think of them as the hardest levels in CoH. But once you’ve outfitted your hero in single origin (SO) enhancers, you suddenly, significantly, increase in power level. My Dark Melee scrapper found that after 22, white minions were hardly even a snack. Now at 30 with 3 slots in Instant Healing, he jumps into packs of yellows, hits Soul Drain as his method of opening that can of whoop-ass, and proceeds to beat the snot outta entire groups of yellows. This is solo. He’s a little more cautious if it’s a LARGE pack of yellows, especially with orange Lts or red Bosses.

    Unless I’m with a good group.

    I was in a group of 6 a few weeks ago, our tanker was a fire/fire tank. We’d be looking at a couple of large packs of yellow/orange/reds. She’d charge in and I would be 1 step behind her. I let her get the aggro…for a moment. Then I would usually boost up with Soul Drain and start beating the crap out of a red or purple boss, or whatever the toughest guy (or 2 or 3 guys) I could get my hands on. I didn’t get to do a lot of minion takedown because, honestly, she had them burned up (Burn power) before I could help a lot :)

    You do that kind of stuff, while telling the empath healer “No, don’t worry about me, I regenerate so my hit points will bounce from green to yellow/red, but they’ll be back up to green…focus on keeping the blasters or controller alive”, and you feel pretty super-powerful.

    When, as a fire/fire tanker, you can finally burn down entire packs of red Lt’s in Terra Volta by yourself….you feel pretty powerful.

    If you play a tanker, you’re the only one in a large team, the situation gets hairy and you’ve got 10 orange minions, 4 red Lt’s and 3 purple bosses all beating on you as you try protect the other team-members, who you KNOW would be eating dirt from just 2 hits of the guys that are (mostly) bouncing off your chest…you feel pretty powerful. Especially if you’re Super Strength and your Knockout Blow power has recharged so that you can smack that purple boss straight up into the air 10 feet while doing damage that your Scrapper friends look at and say “yeah…sometimes you can actually hit hard!”

    I can honestly say that my level 38 Invul/fire tanker, after rebuilding/respeccing him properly, feels quite super-powerful. He certainly doesn’t take down villains as fast as a 38th level blaster would…but he can take down small armies of whites/yellows VERY fast…and it’s only tankers that can (eventually) take out small armies of orange/red/purples solo. Of course, what’s really scary is what my wife’s blaster can do when she’s got me tanking for her…I can keep packs of reds/low purples super-glued to me for the brief time that it takes her to burn them out of existance :)

  2. My AR/Dev Blaster, pre-smoke grenade “fix” was pretty dang close to that “super” feeling. He could mow down groups of reds and would only die if I had a brain fart. After that patch, I left the game. But the time I have been back, my lvl 21 Spine/Reg scrapper flies into packs or whites/yellows with reckless abandon… and only kisses the pavement if there was a red boss or purple Lt I did’nt see in the group. The build is still only about 2/3 fleshed out as far as powers/slotting goes. However once I hit that point (guesstimating lvl 32-34) even those missed bosses/Lts wont bother me.

    CoH is no different that any other MMO… you’re weak, soft, and slow at first and eventually become god-like towards the end.

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