The Quest To Find Ravenholdt Manor

[World of Warcraft] My Rogue trainer recently gave me a quest, simply to “find” Ravenholdt Manor. The only information provided was to search in Hillsbrad. So, I journeyed to Tarren Mill and made that my base of operations for the evening (I am a night person).

Tarren Mill always seems to be a hotbed of activity. Alliance and Horde often come together in skirmishes around the town. I myself have taken up my blades in defense of the town on occasion, but tonight I had more important plans; to find Ravenholdt.

I first hiked south and eventually ran into a town which appeared to be controlled by the Alliance. I was attacked by some guards and was almost knocked out. How did they know I was there? It was as if they could smell me out. I came over a hill and looked down to see two guards on a full out charge right at me. Thankfully, I had the Warchief’s Blessing on as without that I would have been beaten to a pulp. As it is I was beaten to within a thread of a pulp.

I walked west, only to find creatures strange and powerful, too much for me to handle. I did manage to do a little mining in this area so all was not lost. Back to Tarren Mill.

I surveyed my incomplete maps. Noting the empty areas to the east, I decided to head that way. Once across the river, I found a well hidden path up into the hills. The path ended at the entrance to a cave, guarded by Alliance guards. Well, at least they appeared to be Alliance at first glance. They allowed me to pass but not without first giving me a sly smile.

I entered the cave and discovered it was actually a tunnel. I walked along until I spotted a treasure chest. Well, being a curious sort of fellow, I had to investigate. I looked around, nobody here to see me. I inspected the outside of the chest and was just about to open it when I noted that it was trapped. I could not figure out any way to disarm the trap, so I left the chest planning to revisit it later.

Exiting from the end of the tunnel, I arrived at a building guarded by more guards. They seemed surprised to see me, but at least they were not hostile. I was told to go upstairs and have a chat with someone named Fahrad. A brief greeting was followed by an assignment, go back outside and see if the guards had any tasks for me. Feeling a bit weary from all my travel that evening, I decided to call it a night.

I told one of the guards that I would be back shortly, after some sleep and a supply run (need to mix some more poison for my blades). Perhaps I’ll see if I can’t disarm that trapped chest as well, hehe.

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  1. That quest is broken/not finished. I got it and I haven’t even tried to do it. Blizzard has said that they plan to finish it in a future patch.

  2. Yeah I’ve been told that but I figure any quest that allows me to feel like a Rogue is worth doing what I can. I plan to do all the working parts of it, and I’ll have to come back someday to finish the rest of it if and when they complete it.

    Truth of the matter is, I would rather them leave a quest out altogether if it’s not finished. This thing smells of half-boiled meat. Cook it well and then invite us to dinner, not before it’s done.

  3. Hehe, these are the kinds of quests that get the explorer in me to go crazy. I had a quest to go get some soil from Un’Goro Crater (high level zone off of Tanaris) and, not only did I get the soil, I finished my map for the whole zone.

    Anything that rewards me for exploring (which I want to do anyway) is a good thing in my book!

  4. I have not seen a quest with this much potential since I started. The fact that I can’t partake the asskickery really fries my bannana.

    Join Happy Time Harry’s Heroes if you’re on bronzebeard, whisper Fianslip.

  5. Where is Ravenholdt Manor?! I went east like you said but all i found was Dun Garok. Did you mean to the West of Tarren Mill?

  6. Head directly east from TM cemetary, cross the river and then head a little south/east and start looking for a way up into the hills right there. You should find a dirt path somewhere in there. The map has what looks like a little crater or something in the area you are headed. It’s very close to TM and the river.

  7. Ouch,, is all I can say. That chest you see towards the entrance, as far as I know, you cannot disarm it… When you open it, a level 33 elite appears behind you and you have to defeat him, in order to pass the Rite of Cunning… I post this as a level 24… Ouch.

    He has no weapons (unless he uses fist weapons) and hits insane crits (350+) All I can say is good luck, you’ll need it if you’re like me…


    Well, if you activate “Detect Traps”, you will see it is trapped and then it advances your “Rite of Cunning” quest (that is the cunning part, you did not fall for the trap). Leave the chest alone and all is well. You do not need to open it and thus do not need to defeat Milton.

    I shouldn’t be spoiling this I suppose. Heh.

  9. It appears they changed the ending of this quest, as once I gained a friendly reputation with the Ravenholdt crew, there was nothing left to do. Nobody to talk to at all. I’m guessing they removed the next step altogether at this time.

    Of note, there is a vendor in the basement that sells Thistle Tea recipes for those that need to purchase it.

  10. Hi.
    European WoW:
    Answer from GM regarding this 2005-04-04 11:40 CET:
    Thank you for notifying us about your problem.

    The final stages of the Ravenholdt quest are not yet implemented. It will be corrected as soon as possible, however, for the time being this quest cannot be completed. If you encounter any bugs in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending a request for help, in-game, should you require assistance again

    Please do not reply to this email as you will receive an automated response.

  11. Its now 2008 and the quest still is not finished. nothing is different that mentioned above.

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