Aggro Magnet

[World of Warcraft] Last night, instead of working on the Ravenholdt Manor quest I decided to stick around Tarren Mill and do some of the quests available there. Two of them were to collect parts dropped off creatures nearby; bear tongues, spider ichor and mountain lion blood.

The Alliance had a large group of level 60’s running around picking on the level 50 guards so it made for some crowded landscapes at times. Are they having fun or are they bored?

During my hunt, I spotted some level 40 Griffons or something like that across a field. For some reason, they came all the way across the field to kill me. I was not anywhere close to them. Since they would probably kill me again, I chose to use the Spirit Healer for the first time.

After paying for repairs on my equipment, I went hunting again. I started fighting a bear and was having a real tough time. Little did I realize that I had a 10 minute penalty on me from using the Spirit Healer. I almost had the bear killed when a spider ran from across the field to finish me off. Two deaths in five minutes, new record for me. I swear I was an aggro magnet last night.

After sitting out the rest of the penalty, I finished up the two quests and hit level 25. That’s three levels in the past four days of gaming (and one was only for 30 minutes). Not bad at all.

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  1. One of the bad things about Tarren Mill, aside from the fact that it is a constant PvP battlefield on my server, is that it is a short walk from the entrance to two upper level zones, the Hinterlands and Alterac Mountains (I think that is the name of the second one). A bunch of higher levels routinely go through the area to get to those zones and can’t resist messing with the lower levels.

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