[World of Warcraft] My rogue finished a quest tonight in Stonetalon Mountains. I read the quest description and it told me to return to “Some NPC I Don’t Remember As I Have Had This Quest For A Month Or So”. Well crap. Where is he? Look in description for hints, nothing. Figure he must be in Sun Rock Retreat so I run back there. Run run run. Nope. Oh yeah, he is near the entrance of Stonetalon. Run run run. Nope. Oh I think he was in that cave under Thunderbluff. Run to Crossroads. Run run run. Fly to Thunderbluff. Run to cave. Run run run. Nope. Damn it.

My thoughts while doing this: Can someone please put a level 30 mount in the game? I’m not sure I can stand to run run run for 14 more levels.

I hate it when I have to use an out of game tool to find something in game. Sure, I could probably ask in general chat but I hate people that ask stupid questions in general chat so I could never. But would it have been so hard to mention I should return to “NPC in Some Town”?

I found (using that he is in Sun Rock Retreat after all. Oh yeah, he is up on the hill above the little lake. Crap. Hearthstone recall. Run run run. Quest complete. Log out. Grrr!

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3 thoughts on “Grrr!”

  1. I had one of those like that in Stonetalon. It had to do with one of the people at the Stonetalon/Barren junction but didn’t say anything about it in the log (I think it was the one where you had to kill loggers). However, I’m Shaman so of course ghost wolf helps with the running a little bit. All you get as a rogue is that short spring ability.

    BTW, is there not a flight path from Sun Rock to Thunder Bluff (can’t remember myself)? You should have just run back to Sun Rock if there is.

  2. I could not remember if there was a flight path from Sun Rock to Thunderbluff either, hehe. The run to Crossroads was not that much farther than the run back to Sun Rock so I figured why take the chance with the way my luck was going.

    I have a 27 Shaman as well so that makes it all that much harder to run around on foot with my Rogue. Ghost Wolf is really nice to have at 20.

  3. is your friend… yes, an out of game tool, but you know what? To be able to find that NPC quickly instead of running, running, running… To me it’s worth saving the time.
    Don’t get me wrong – I totally understand your point, better discriptions would make it a lot easier, and not require 3rd party tools.

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