A Pirate’s Life For Me

[World of Warcraft] Had an enjoyable session last night. Although, it didn’t start out that way.

I logged in and really had no motivation. My quest log did not draw me in, and they had objectives that seemed unclear to me. So, I decided to fight some mobs nearby that were giving me about 300xp per kill (with rest bonus). Even still, with 20,000 xp to next level I was not having any fun.

Inhibit logged in and soon asked me if I wanted help with anything. I told him about my situation and he asked what quests I had. He knew of them and offered to run with me through them. Sounded good to me.

We started by taking out a named blacksmith and his apprentices near Tarren Mill. Then we had to take out 3 different named NPCs not far from the blacksmith. I had been in this area several times over the past few weeks and had not even noticed these guys. What a dolt.

All I had left of those first two quests was some miner and we headed south to find him. After taking him out I found there are some Torn Fin mobs on the beach. I needed 5 eyes for a quest so we cleaned the beach. Then we went east to find the Daggerspines as I needed 5 scales from them. I had not seen either of these mobs before so it was a nice change.

From there, Inhibit had me follow him as we swam east down the coastline. Eventually, we came upon an area with sunken ships. Swimming into the shore I noticed another ship, a pirate ship! turns out this is Faldir’s Cove and I’ll be doing some quests there later on. I really liked this area and wished I could make it my in-game home. Was really cool to be there and explore a little. I can’t wait to go back, it scratches my explorer itch big time.

From there we swam up a channel to the east and under a crumbling bridge span. It was really great to see things new and fresh like this. We climbed out of the water just after the bridge and went up the hillside to eventually be right next to the top of the bridge. Had to take out a few smelly dwarves but they were no challenge to us.

Then we followed the path the rest of the way to Hammerfall where I picked up a new flight path. I logged out there, with just a sliver of xp needed to hit level 28 and I have a quest still to turn in.

What a great night. I finished 3 quests, discovered 4 new areas (perhaps 5), got about 50% of the xp needed to level, went swimming, discovered a new flight path and city, visited with pirates, explored sunken shipwrecks and fought 2 completely new mobs. All thanks to Inhibit, dude you rock.

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2 thoughts on “A Pirate’s Life For Me”

  1. Yeah, it gets tiresome at times sticking to the same areas and it’s nice to see new ones. I think that is one of the side benefits of being a rogue. You can get into a lot of places well before others because you dont have to fight your way in. And let me tell you, once I got my mount I spent the better part of the weekend just riding around into new zones as I could then escape -most- agressive things (with a combination of vanish if I got knocked of my horse).

    And there’s still at least 25% of the map I have yet to uncover.

  2. Hehe, if you really do have that explorer itch like I do, close the quest log. Just open the ingame map and discover everything that isn’t on it yet.

    Playing a hunter has it’s benefits for me. Since tracking is on the little map display, I can easily avoid nearly any mob I can track, so exploring is fun. On the occasions when I get attacked, I can fight back, or have the pet tank and continue on, or just feign and hope it’s not resisted.

    Talking about exploring, one of the things I did awhile back is close the quest log and head north from Stranglethorn. There are at least 2 Alliance zones there that have no Horde quests in them, but I have them all mapped out now. You can even get close enough to Stormwind to get it on your map and even see the city map by standing close to the walls. Kind of fun. :-)

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