Frog Legs

It seems that Sony is screwing with it’s EQ2 customer base. I’m not shocked but WTF? Can you do anything more stupid than leading people to think something is possible in game, causing them to spend lots of time trying to solve it only to finally tell them they are wasting their time? This is the sort of thing that guarantees I cancel a game.

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2 thoughts on “Frog Legs”

  1. Yeah, I probably should have blasted them a little harder in my post but I was just sick of the “OMG Sony killed my baby kitten!” on the forums and I’m too lazy to rewrite it. They sure know how to completely blow this kind of stuff on every level. I actually was a little shocked because I figured after the jedi debacle they would have learned their lesson (at least a little). Guess some people (or companies) never learn.

  2. Well, even if I did cancel, I’d probably be playing two weeks later anyway. I’m a sucker for the MMOGs.

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