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[Guild Wars] I hesitate to call Guild Wars an MMORPG but I guess it technically is. I don’t know it’s kind of weird.

I preordered it so I have been able to play in the beta weekends. I have fun, it looks great, but it still does not feel like an MMOG to me. Anyway, since I preordered I figured I’ll have to pick it up next week. No monthly fee is one of the bonuses. You don’t feel like you have to play, since you are paying a monthly fee, know what I mean?

Honestly, I have not played any PvP in the game, so it’s probably stupid for me to buy it but what the heck. I enjoyed the limited amount of PvE I have played and having NPCs that can join your party is cool. They are even pretty good at helping fight.

So starting in the next week or two, I’ll be talking about Guild Wars. If there is anyone out there that wants to help me get started in game (tips, training, etc) let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Up Next: Guild Wars”

  1. I played GW beta a long time ago. It reminds a lot of how WoW plays and even looks. My only problem is that I’m not a big PvP buff and I like having a big world to roam around in and the GW world just felt too chopped up.

    I think GW is either going to be revolutionary or it’s going to be a dud. The really aren’t any games out there that focus on MMORPG style PvP and put it in a competitive light. Recently I’ve been hearing of MMORPG PvP competition being compared to things like CS competitions and such and most people think it’s a joke, that MMORPG PvP never requires that much skill and is generally never that balanced. So if GW can do it right, you might just see a new breed of games. However, because I always see GW fans touting about how it’s so much better than WoW (acting as if PvP is the only thing WoW has), I think they might doom themselves trying to act like it’s a WoW killer or something. It’s not intended to be and if people keep supporting it as such, GW might be overlooked when people start saying “hodgepodge, it’s not better than WoW!” because these people are looking at GW all wrong because fans of the game are promoting GW in the wrong way. Hype kills.

  2. From what I have seen, Guild Wars is closer to Diablo than it is to WoW. I don’t think WoW will lose too many people to GW. Honestly, the type of people that may leave WoW for GW might be an improvement for WoW.

  3. I only played a couple hours over the last beta weekend, so I was late and did not experience much. First impression was “holy smackers does it look good”. Beautiful graphics. I just solo’d a bit trying to get a feel for the interface. I have no idea what the pvp will be like, but I will check it out. One thing I missed in GW PvE was that once I left the city, I was alone. Unless you party up with others, you are alone in the PvE world. That to me defeats some of what MMO’s are about. I love to solo, but I like to see real people around. I like to stop and say hello, give a hand to someone when needed, and get a hand when needed.
    I wasn’t aware that you could party with NPC’s, so I will definitely check that out when soloing won’t complete a quest.
    So, I will buy it and play some, but it will be more occasional than WoW. WoW gets the most of my play time.

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