Can’t Sleep, Blizzard Will Eat Me

I’m having a hard time *not* playing World of Warcraft, even though I’m not enjoying it when I do play. I’m getting very little free time lately with lots of plans taking up what is normally my gaming time. But even when I do get some free time, I pop into WoW and kill ten rats before I’m heading off to bed. I’m just not finding 2 hours to play at night any more.

I’ve been saying “hey” to my friends in-game but nobody ever responds any more. I blame the level 60 zerg-fests going on. The social aspect in this game is all but dead right now.

Since I have been limited to only small bits of game time, I started a Dwarf Paladin over the weekend. I figured if I only have 30 minutes, I want to level a few times for that old time feeling. I noted that the class has changed from during beta. Seems like there is a little more action now, even if one of the actions is casting a 30 second buff every time I attacked something.

I don’t think I will ever get to 60.

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3 thoughts on “Can’t Sleep, Blizzard Will Eat Me”

  1. My main character made it to 60 in WoW. I started playing at the end fo November and reached 60 the week before the honor changes went live. So, 4 months?

    All it really takes is dedicating to the same character every time you play. No alts. I even had about a 2 week break in the middle mining and engineering everyday while I waited for my girlfriend to level up. She still isn’t at 60, but she doesn’t quite play as often as I do or the same character all the time.

  2. lol, you will never get to 60 if you keep creating new char’s to play. Gee you have alot of chars.

    As Tom said, play the one char all the time. It will eventually happen, and if you don’t dwell on 60 then it will come sooner than you think.

    I stated in middle Jan and will finally be buying my mount tonight. I am lvl 43, and now have 98 Gold. Set your sights for intermediate threshholds one step at a time, like the transition from a lvl 20-30 area to a 30-40 area, earning the Gold for the mount, getting the mount, etc. Focus on improving some skills without worrying about xp and the xp will just happen.
    Since lvl 40, I have only wanted to earn gold for my mount. I focused on gold and not xp or leveling. I didn’t want to keep lvl’ing without my mount, but even without wanting it I rose 3 levels anyway.

  3. I don’t like any character enough to play only one, therefore I have accepted the fact that I will not likely hit 60 and that is fine. I really don’t care any more. Besides, Guild Wars is starting and I have another MMORPG beta test to occupy me for a while.

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