Middle-Earth Online Is Dead

It will now be known as The Lord Of The Rings Online.

I predict the new website will be here: www.lotr-online.com

As written in June 2005 PC Gamer:

“AS OUR GUEST, you’re ushered behind the scenes at Turbine. The first thing you’ll notice is the new name of it’s spotlight title. Turbine bought the LOTR license from former publisher Vivendi and renamed Middle-Earth Online to reflect a whole new approach. “Vivendi wanted a game where you live and breathe in Middle-earth,” says lead content designer Matthew Imregi. “We decided that would be too dull, so our new slogan is ‘Forging a Legacy.'” LOTR Online focuses heavily on the idea of family history, which you’ll determine when you create your character, playing a big part in the game.

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