[World of Warcraft] I asked a friend of mine how many in-game days in took him to get to level 60 and he figured about 25 days. It can probably be done faster, but he tends to goof off somewhat like I do on occasion so I figured it was a good estimate for me to take as “the time it will take me to get to 60”.

Then I looked at the /played for *all* of my characters. Here is what I have: 28 rogue, 28 shaman, 15 warlock, 15 hunter, 13 mage, 12 rogue, 11 warrior, 11 hunter, 8 priest, 8 druid, 6 warlock and 4 paladin.

If I did my math correctly, I have a total of 11 days, 6 hours and 9 minutes in all of them. That is 270 hours or so. I have heard people say that you can get to 60 in 350 hours but I am not sure if that is true or not. Even if I put all of my time into only one character, I would not have come close to level 60 yet. That is sad.

I’m probably over-analyzing it.

And then I think 25 days??? Damn that is 600 hours of gaming.

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  1. I’ve been running a little poll ever since they raised the cap to 60, those polled it took around 12-15 days on average to reach the cap. Only 100 or so people were polled, but it seems to be about right for first time characters. 10 days or less is definitely feasible second time around. Those who really relish the game and love exploring just add another 5 days played. hehe, you think 25 days played is crazy. I have over 500 days racked up in my mmorpg career. Time for a new hobbie. haha. :[

  2. One really odd thing that skews the numbers is that certain level ranges take longer to get through. From 50 to about 55, I would say it took me about 6 days total in-game time. That was the period I was really into exploring, clearing old quest worth little xp but were bugging me.

    From 55 to 58 it was -maybe- 30 hrs total. This is wear alot of high xp yielding quests kicked in, and I started farming pretty hard. Plus the rested xp I was getting helped.

    58-59 was like 10 hrs. More farming/grinding, and capping off more quests.

    59-60 was maybe 5 hrs. The end was in sight, and I was grinding like a mad-man. I would usually only stop long enough to return to town to sell/restock/repair and head right back at it. Sure, it got boring. But being that close (and the cash I was making) saw me through. The fact that I doing some pretty hard DPS helped as well. I was making close to 700xp per kill, taking maybe 15-20 sec per kill, in a dense population area. It went surpsingly fast. The high xp/kill was thanks to Bliazzard awarding the full+half bar of rested when they had the extended downtime. Came at just the right time for me.

  3. 15 days to 60 was pretty easy for me. I probably only ground out the last level, the rest of the time I was just doing quests, intsances, some PvP, helping lower levelled guildies etc. Don’t bother with trying to get to 60 tho, its boring. I quit at 17 days played and have no intention of going back because all I could do would be gank.

    Too bad you couldn’t stay with CoH. I’ve gone back to it and it seems to be perfect for moderates. I usually duo with a buddy of mine and it’s great! Also the stories from the missions are much better than any of the stories in WoW.

  4. winter said: Too bad you couldn’t stay with CoH.

    I’m not ruling it out. There is still life left for me in CoH for sure.

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