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According to a Gamasutra interview of Jessica Mulligan, I am clearly in the Moderate gamer club. I am no longer Hardcore. Well, if I was ever Hardcore, I was borderline Hardcore at best.

In the interview, she splits gamers into three groups:

  1. Mass Market: time and price sensitive, 75% of the market generating 5% of the income.
  2. Moderate: time sensitive only, 15% of the market generating 15% of the income.
  3. Hardcore: neither time nor price sensitive, 10% of the market generating 80% of the income.

I am time sensitive but I’m not price sensitive. Monthly fees don’t bother me but I do need to feel some fun and/or progress for my time spent playing. I compare my time spent, not my money spent.

I think the reason World of Warcraft is doing so well is because it has tapped into the Moderate gamers deeper than any other MMORPG has before. It also seems that Guild Wars is targeting the same market. I’m just not sure that a lot of PvP people are also Moderate. My hunch for that comes from the Honor System added recently in WoW. It has driven me away as it increased the amount of PvP going on in-game.

The Hardcore gamers are the ones that make up things like DKP (Dragon Kill Points) to keep track of who gets what piece of phat loot when raiding. Something that appeals to me in no way, shape or form. They are the ones that enjoy the spoils from all the time they spent in game, gathering the most uber of all gear. It allows them to dominate in every possible way and they generally feel no sorrow for the Moderates. They earned the gear, cry more noob.

Yes, I am a Moderate gamer and that is fine by me.

I almost decided to write an “I Quit” post today. I was thinking about the 11 days of gaming I played in WoW and what else I could have done with that time. I felt like my family deserved more time than I’ve been giving them. But then I realized that the only time I game any more is when my kids are in bed and my wife has other plans. I did technically “quit” when I stopped trying to be a Hardcore gamer. So, I don’t see any harm in playing a game at those times. I just need to focus on other things when the computer is off.

Really, my main problem is that I spend more time thinking about games than I do playing them. This website is the proof.

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2 thoughts on “Moderately Hardcore”

  1. Hehe…I’m completely there with you Ethic. One of my friends and I spent hours and hours talking about what we were going to do in gaming, at least comparable to the time we were actually in game.

    And easing off of the hardcore gamer thing is definitely nice, but the problem for me, and it sounds like for you, is that the rest of your friends/guild tend to leave you behind. It is even hard to chat with them since they are hardcore questing and aren’t even really able to talk. That’s one of the killers for me really.

    We play about the same way, for me when the baby is actually asleep and the wife is otherwise occupied. Yeah, it seems like a lot of time, but I’d rather be interactive to some degree here than eating my brain away with the TV, so it seems okay most of the time.

  2. Wow. Well said. I heartily agree.

    You know, you read the boards and see the spewing of game angst and think “are these really my fellow hobbyists?” The hardcore seem to jealously guard their hobby and the “right” way to play.

    I have plenty of money for my hobbies (I probably should pick up a more expensive one) but my time is extremely limited. Full time career. Wife. Two small children. I play a couple nights a week, after the kids are in bed. Maybe 8 hours a week.

    I will never see the “end-game”. Hell, I’ll get kicked out of any high-end guild for lack of participation. The guilds I’m part of are slow moving “help each other out” guilds. If one of my friends gets high enough and wants to go raiding, they quit and join some other guild.

    I was on Tallon Zek in EQ1 and solidly did not enjoy it. Those with the TIME had all the advantages.

    Hmm, maybe I should join the SOE Exchange servers.

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