First Observations On Guild Wars

[Guild Wars] Oh boy the number of losers playing GW is awfully high. Every time I turn around some dude has stripped down to his shorts and is asking all the “girls” nearby to dance with him.

Now, most of the dance moves are downright stupid, but the people playing this game have reached a new low braincell count record. Honestly. In fact, I think the “no monthly fee” thing is going to turn this game into a loser-fest of the highest magnitude. When people don’t have a financial obligation, they must turn into total idiots. And really guys, those girls you ask to dance with you, you know the ones with the suggestive names, are not girls.

If it wasn’t for the instances, I would never get a moment’s peace. Blissfully, I run into the swirling portals…

I rerolled a few times because I clicked “accept” instead of “decline” on a few quests that offer you a 2nd class. It’s tricksey and false and it fooled me more than once. I know I should spend some time reading what they are saying, but sometimes a dude just wants his phat xp and loots and wants to move on.

I love the instant travel, open the map, click on a town, boom you are there. Sweet mother of mercy it rocks. I hate those damn worms that go back in the ground once I start attacking them and then they pop back out and my autoattack has to be reset. I hate that I can’t tell what will aggro and what won’t. I hate the way I have to walk around invisible barriors. I hate the way the game puts you on rails and won’t let you explore too much. I love the cost. I love the graphics. I love the skills and the quests. I hate how every character in a class looks like every other character in the same class. It seems like everyone can use every weapon, that is interesting. I totally love some of the quests I have done so far, they are really well done.

No, I have not settled on any specific class yet. They all are fun yet they all suck. Necromancer is still the most fun for me, but why do they all look like Prince? And all the warriors look like Conan, I mean they have the Conan hair selection so I guess people like that but why? All the female characters look like some anime sex pervert’s wet dream. Haha man I need a drink. I wish I could remember who first called this game “Gwar”, I think it fits.

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  1. I agree on several points…I’m not very impressed with GW. Going from WoW where can move freely to GW is just a pain. I’ll get caught up on a BUSH or something. However, in PvP these barriers can play a more strategy as I’ve seen three people trap one of those W/MO’s who runs around and heals against a corner and killed him. But I agree, in the PvE parts it really does feel like a rail.

    Needless to say, the graphics are breathtaking. My only gripe is that the character animations seem real stiff.

    The PvP character option is really just a joke. I don’t believe you can learn any new skills except for what you originally assigned. It’s just there for you to get instant PvP action but even then you’re restricted to one area (to my knowledge).

    I made a Ranger PvP character so I could play around with PvP, which I never experienced when I played beta last year. Can’t say I’m very impressed with Ranger, or at least the build I had. Their abilities just don’t appeal to me, though, I did like the one that gave me 8 engergy for every shot I hit (-10 if I missed), which let me pump out a bunch of damage real quick (I think I had elementalist as secondary). Only problem I had was getting my range from warriors who decided to pick on me.

    For “roleplaying” I chose a Necromancer subbed with Monk (I have no idea if this is a good combination). I find it pretty entertaining.

    BTW, there are seperate quests for each secondary job, but just because he gives you abilities of that job it doesn’t mean that it’s your choice yet. Once you go do the quest they give you and you complete it and turn it in, they will ask you if you’re sure you want that secondary job or not. That’s when you’re final choice is made. The quest I did seemed to compliment the job itself. I chose Monk as a secondary so I had to follow some guy through some swamp water that slowly damaged him which made me have to heal him. So I think the quest just gives you a chance to see what the job does.

  2. Damn you are funny :)
    Sounds like the game will turn into a $50 chat n flirt program for role playing kids and pervs.

    I had realllllly hoped that the movement barriers would not be in the release. That is not acceptable. When other games like WoW give so much freedom, it is just not acceptable.

    I have not tried PvP at all yet. When you exit the city, then are you in environments where other players are roaming? I guess I don’t get it in relation to how they set up PvE.

  3. As far as I understand, the PvP is only arena based. I could be wrong as I have not participated in it at all.

    The movement barriors alternate from bugging the hell out of me to not bugging me at all. It guess when I accept them it is no big deal, but sometimes I just want to go down a little hill and it won’t let me. Frustrating.

  4. There’s towns and then there’s instanced zones. The towns are sort of like chat rooms in the fact that there are many instanced (might not be the right word) towns of each town and you can only communicate and interact with people who are in the same town instance you are in. When you go outside you get the instance all to yourself. I haven’t gotten to play much since I just got GW yesterday, but if I remember from beta, if you exit an area (or at least certain mission areas) with a group then your whole group comes with you. So it’s sort of like WoW’s instanced dungeons. If I remember correctly, if you don’t have a full party then the game will give you some NPCs that will help, at least in beta it did.

    The major problem I think I’m going to have is finding a guild that takes the game seriously. After playing my PvP Ranger for a couple of hours last night and getting into random teams, I can definitely say that PvP in this game will not be fun if you have a bunch of dumbasses. I can see some nice potential if the team works together, but I think it’ll be frustrating otherwise.

  5. hey guys ..the game is great for what it is ,,but being an old school player ie 5 yrs EQ and some Old Final Fantasy and being old myself 51 yrs not lvls.
    my guild “We Merry Few” is made of older gamers. the game for me IS a chat room .BUT so was EverQuest. just a room with some enviroment. We dont use team speak and so the youngsters wont join our guild. you can only get to lvl 20 then your only options are to fight the world for the fafvor of the gods to get into the underground for good loot. I have been haveing a blast. i love that death only cost you while in the instanced zone. there is a lot i would love to see in the game but the game it self is all about makeing lvl 20 getting into a decent guild and controlling the hot loot zone. most of my friends work so can only play weekends. what a nice place to meet and chat and fight some good battles. as far as character creation all the PvP skills and enhancements are locked ..untill you actually discover them in game . i play a ranger/monk. but my favorite in beta was necro/mesmer .i’ll play untill the next glitter catches my eye. probably DnD online next year.

  6. Swearwolf, send me an email if I can join your guild. I’m always looking for guilds with old people like me in them. My email address is on the right. Just need an in-game name to send a message to.

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