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[Guild Wars] I took my warrior/monk (W/Mo in GW terms) up to level 7 last night, still in the “pre-searing” area. I did not realize how much content I had missed here, there is a lot of map to explore.

I found 2 new cities as well as finishing several quests. I gave up on one quest where I had to keep someone alive while they hunted down someone else. She kept charging into a group of 8 bad guys and I could not keep her alive. I want to finish this one however as it is a part of a line of monk quests and they grant more skills. Instead of staying back to heal her, I’m going to charge into battle myself. That might do it.

I managed to find all(?) the collectors that would trade warrior armor for items that different creatures drop. The only piece I have not upgraded is the helm and I’m not sure there is an upgrade. I like the idea of the collectors, it pays to save the odd stuff dropped if you can.

One thing I will say is that (so far) a W/Mo combo is very strong. I can outlast most anything and if I am in a crowd I have several area effect skills to help take them down. I now have a few warrior skills that work in a combination and it does very nice damage. The first is a bloodletting skill and the second only works if the person is bleeding. To use these skills you need to let them build up (rage? adrenaline?) before you can use them.

I have every intention of exploring the whole map and doing every quest I can find before I leave. Perhaps I will be level 10 by then, hehe.

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  1. I’d actually say go ahead and leave. Once you leave searing you have more quest and, more importantly, missions to do. The arena in the post-searing Ascalon only goes up to level 10. So if you leave at level 10 then you’re only gonna get to experience the arena for a short amount of time until you’re forced to do missions until you find the next town.

    I’m level 11 and I went to try and find the next town…unfortunately there’s nothing that really points you in the right direction. I personally hate the PvE in this game so far and just want to get to the arena action…of course I have to find the next town before I can play PvP again. Would I rather be playing WoW instead of wasting my time with PvE I hate? You bet!

    BTW, the post-searing part can easily be soloed at level 7+. Most of the enemies around the ruins of Ascalon and the first couple of missions are level 3-5 (though the missions sends several of them at you so a group is recommended). You also get some armor that you can start working on crafting once you get post-searing as well as a bunch of new spells. So unless you really just love searing, it’s probably better to go ahead and leave because the area post-searing should be left by level 10.

  2. I do love pre-searing and I do love the PvE. I’ve only but a taste of PvP and it was fun but I’ve never really cared for PvP. I already feel like I got my money’s worth out of this game so anything else I get out of it is icing on the cake. I will try the PvP again soon enough.

    I have a few areas I still want to explore (I don’t think I have any quests left to find) so I’m sure I’ll be no higher than 8 when I do finally go through the searing.

  3. I had problems at one point figuring out where I go next. Then I realized one of the towns on the map was kind of flashing like there’s something there I needed to do. When I went there (love the insta-travel) I realized “DUH! There’s a big “Enter Mission” button in my party window. So I grabbed 3 NPCs and did the mission. Now I’m out of the snowy mountains that contain the first areas and into the new area, thinking I was really far until someone said “Yea, only about 1,000 more towns to go”. SHEESH! Well my W/Mo (there’s a zillion W/Mo) is now 14 and I’m getting some pretty nice stuff but the missions are impossible now to complete with the NPC party.

    Haven’t even tried PvP yet, and I’m a huge PvP fan so I know I still got that to look forward to. Sadly I think by the time I get to it everyone else will have been doing it so long I’ll be the “PvP n00b”. Oh well, will be a new and fun thing to learn anyhow, win or lose… and eventually I’ll get the hang of it. Think the town I’m in now is called Lion’s something. Barely got through the mission before I had to go to work this AM. Will let you know if I ever get to the “last town” so you know how much more there is.

  4. Ian wrote: “Think the town I’m in now is called Lion’s something.”

    I believe that would be Lion’s Arch but of course I’ve not been there, only heard of it.

  5. Don’t worry about being a newb to PvP. Most of the random arena battles you will play in will probably be filled with newbs as most of the serious people will probably be in a guild fighting in tournaments and such.

    I had a random arena group the other day and we were invicible. It was funny. We won so many that evetually we all had to leave before we ever lost a match.

    Too bad there’s not any reward beyond XP (which isn’t that much anyways and is really only there to give you refund points back) for fights. Maybe some money or craft items would be nice.

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