Drive-by Buffing

[City of Heroes] In most of my games, I play the healer or support mage class. There is nothing quite like turning your allies into massive engines of destruction. It is a lot like playing a pet class, only the pets are really good with a strong AI (few control commands, though).

Another advantage to being the buff class is that you can go help folks. I have a level 50 Kinetics Defender, so I can bounce around the low-level areas and buff everyone I see. The easiest one to give out is Speed Boost: vastly faster running, plus endurance and faster attacks. “The poor little guys, no travel powers until level 14.” *blue swirly* There he goes. In the second it takes him to wonder what happened, I have already bounced away, in search of more heroes. Ooh, there’s one who I can give the damage buff during his fight…

Kinetics Defenders also get an area-effect jump buff, Inertial Reduction. It is what I use to bounce around town, and since I have it more enhanced than I really need, I move very quickly. I think I’m around 375 yards per jump. It’s fun to toss that on a cluster of level 2s and watch them turn into flying monkeys. I hope they know it only lasts a minute.

Super-jumping around the low level areas gives you that real superhero feeling. Since there is a lot of float time at the peak of the jump, and the newbie zones are not that big, you can fly half-way across town in a bounce. Did you know that Superman originally just jumped like that, rather than flying? That whole “leaps tall buildings in a single bound” thing…

Another way that you feel like a real superhero is fighting while you are in those low level zones. Folks on the forums want to be more like comic book superheroes, but they are thinking of when Superman takes down muggers or something. Yeah, he can one-shot a huge group of them, does so for half an issue, and then tries to solo an archvillain. (Luckily, as an Invulnerability/Super Strength Tanker, he can solo an archvillain if he has enough inspirations and time!) Anyway, I spent a while bouncing around Perez Park and visiting the gangs on the street. Psychic Scream, and they’re all arrested – lovely. Telekinetic Blast, and he flies over that car. I wonder if I can shoot that one up the stairs… If I use Power Build Up before TK Blast, I can literally send one guy over the next gang down the street. Pretty.

Ooh, level 12s fighting slime monsters – more drive-by buffing! Do you feel odd if someone 40 levels higher than you follows you around a bit and, without comment, throws every buff and debuff s/he has during your fights? I worry that I was training that group to go after things much bigger than they can take.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Drive-by Buffing”

  1. Getting those buffs was the highlight of my CoH experiences and the parts I miss most now. It’s nice to get a taste of them before you have to choose one as well. I say keep it up!

  2. I don’t play CoH…not for lack of desire though. :D However, as an avid WoW player I certainly do enjoy both giving and recieving the RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). My high level character (59) is a hunter so I don’t get to do much buffing but I can lay waste to low level mobs so when the noob running through Wetlands or mobbed by too many even level critters suddenly finds themselves without all the extra baggage I can see and hear the relief.

    Keep up the good work. Sure following them may make them pull a little more but it generates good will. Even if the do over pull after you leave they will then appreciate even more your kindness. Keep up the good works!

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