Welcome… to me?

I am a new MMO blogger person here at Kill Ten Rats. This is one of those introductory posts that you have to write when you first start just about anywhere. Its generic and obtuse, where you find out something about me but it won’t be meaningful to our relationship.

Anyway, I would like to give you my qualifications (my curriculum blogae if you will) in a way to justify my inane rambling about MMO’s. I am an intense and avid player of Final Fantasy XI. A game which some have (and rightfully and divinely so) called the “Best Game in the Universe” and “OMFG, Game Most Likely to Suck Your Will to Live!” I haved enjoyed this game for many hours a day, many days a week, for several months now. I fancy myself as a “hardcore” on-line gamer, as I even enjoy the time sinks that are built into FFXI. I also have just started playing the “uber-hotness” game of the year, World of Warcraft. This game intrigues me and I am ready to dive into more of its content. Finally, I also hope to start playing the Matrix Online in the free week test period that is coming up, and I may pick up that game if I enjoy it enough.

Now that I have blandly presented my experience with MMO’s, I would like to move on to my purpose here. As I see it, many MMO blogs have moved past FFXI as being part of the old age to MMO’s. The evidence is to the contrary though, if SirBruce is to be believed, as the game still holds more players than all except for the juggernaut that is WoW (excluding, of course, certain Korean NetCafe gank-fests). Most blogs dont even have commentaries on the most recent expansion for FFXI. I am here to fill that void in your MMO blog experience! I am your contact with all things Vana’diel. And no you can’t touch my Moogle.

That being said, I don’t think of myself as a fanboi. Playing a four-year-old MMO doesn’t make you an addict. Right?

I may have a fatal flaw as a MMO blogger. I am an optimist at heart, and though I enjoy delving the depths of pure cynicism as much as the next guy, I find myself incapable of staying there. I am not much of a doomcaster, and I don’t take life sustenance in ripping to shreds any persons life work. My goal is to be as balanced in my criticisms as possible and try to place reviews of games within the context of the industry as a whole.

Well, that is me. I will likely spend some time comparing and contrasting other games to FFXI. I also would like to document the expansion of WoW as it grows over the years, as I believe that much can be learned about MMO’s by watching their development and maturation. But mostly I will spend my time ranting and raving, exploring strange and wonderful tangents, and babbling about whatever MMO related thought process shoots through my head.


5 thoughts on “Welcome… to me?”

  1. I look forward to reading what you have to say about FFXI. I was an FFXI player (level 50 BRD/WHM and a lvl 37 THF/NIN) but quit out of spite of things to do. I honestly tried to get to 60 since it seemed 60+ was the level where most of the content was at, but I couldn’t muster up enough willpower to trudge through the farming and pick-up groups anymore. I still like reading about it, however. I feel sad that I didn’t get to experience many things it had to offer, but I just stopped logging into it. No sense in paying for something you don’t play, right?

  2. Most games seem to have content gaps that need to be filled in. That’s the late thirties in City of Heroes, although Issue 5 should be filling that.

    Who knows, maybe FFXI will fill in that gap, and you can get back to those characters.

  3. Well, hopefully they’ll realize that allowing people to come back to their old characters is a good thing (and I honestly have no idea why they don’t since obviously they’ve kept our characters) and won’t keep the “welcome back” bullcrap as a limited time only deal but rather as regular policy. That is, if I ever come back to FFXI.

  4. My brother wanted to go back to FFXI at one point, they told him all his characters are gone. He got disgusted and promised never to go back, even if they somehow managed to “find” his characters.

    He put way too much time into that game, like an average of 8 hours per day for 10 months. Ouch.

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