Holy Beast Online: features animal-to-character evolving system that enables players to choose as a member of the six animal races.

Animal-to-character evolving system? Is this some sort of furry thing?

King of Kings 2: focuses not just on the variability of game character but also the country system. By trying out different combinations of the badge received from battle and armaments, players are given more power. As the game progresses, player would decide on the type of government and the position on the issue of scarce resources.

This one sounds good for the casual “only looking for some light fun” type of player.

The Twin Heroes Online: features aesthetic paper dolls, cute and comical pets, dazzling martial arts and interactive community system. The game offers intricate scenarios interweaved with different plots.

Hold on. Paper dolls, cute pets AND martial arts? That is the holy trinity of MMORPGs! How can they go wrong here?

Read the press release here.

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