heylo everyone….I’m new to posting here and I’ll take the opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve played many MMOGs in my gaming career…but the ones I frequent most now are the famous/infamous Fantasy role playing game known as World of Warcraft (WoW) and the space based MMOG known as EVE online.

For those of you who have never heard of EVE online, or have never played it; it’s a game involving space travel and management of money, assets, and knowledge of the EVE universe. You can choose a profession, but unlike MMOGs like WoW and EQ you don’t “choose” your skill per se…but you can utilize different methods to make money or ISK. I’ll get more into how the game works later but now you have the basics…

You could consider me an anti-pk in some respects, I don’t generally prefer PvP as a Profession or Game style, but a little of it every now and then doesn’t bother me… I could care less about powerleveling in adverse to playing the game not to get the next level…but to have fun with the game (one of the reasons I play EVE online is that it is virtually impossible to powerlevel skills in anyway). For now I’ll end my introduction and ill write more about my experiences, likes/dislikes. or information on the MMOGs I frequent later. Farewell for now….