Who Opened the Airlock?

[EVE Online] Well my weekend optimism goes out the airlock…. Apparently CCP can’t function well enough to make sure everything stays in the Corp hanger. Chaos today when my corporation’s CEO announced that the corporation hanger had been cleaned out, and apparently only a corp. member could do that.

Problem here is that that wasn’t the case at all, and in the meanwhile people were being blamed left and right for what happened until I go to my CEO with the Minerals I have required to build my new cruiser and of course he goes to the mineral storage container that was securely locked with a password…and woe and behold the minerals are gone too….

At this point we all know that it couldn’t have been anyone of us because it was in the Admin hangers with a password…which only two people have access to. Now he’s upset and I don’t throw down on him for being pissed off, because isn’t part of the $15 you pay a month towards maintaining everything? Making sure player stats are saved and items are left where they were before? CCP has never given me a problem like this before and it’s a shame that all those hours of mining I did to get those minerals for my cruiser are gone…heh I think I’ll go play WoW tonight…