Hey Shamans, I can walk on water too!

[World of Warcraft] As promised I did play WoW for the remainder of the weekend while I waited for my skill in EVE to train ( 5-6 days =/). The server was extremly laggy, buggy, and pretty much anything else you can complain about. All the horde players were running around doing the “I’M JESUS” in the public channel as they floated across the water while I was amusing myself flying floating around the world until I realized I couldn’t loot anything.

I logged back and I was no longer floating, however now there was a pack of about 5 (lvl 15-20) alliance running around killing random quest npcs while the hapless level 12’s were trying in vain to protect the sepulcher and nearby outposts, I myself was attacked halfway to fenris isle in the decrepit ferry (Im a level 17 warlock) by a hunter (lvl 15) and I had to fear him and kill his pet before I could run the rest of the way to fenris isle meanwhile dodgeing undead mobs.

I found it funny how many level 12’s were freaking out while exclaiming the obvious “OMG A LVL 18 PALADIN JUST KILLED MY QUEST NPC” while all of the level 20 horde players could have cared less even though they had the ability to stop the invaders. I grouped for fenris isle and it seemed the reports of “I CAN WALK ON WATER” had died down as I swam over there, but of course due to the horrible lag on the server I was disconnected moments before we finished killing the boss mob, therefore ruining my quest. All in all it was a pretty interesting night and I did get some minor quests finished.

Overall there was nothing more interesting than about 20 undead Jesus sightings…