The Countdown begins…

[EVE Online] Well my last skill in EVE is finishing up…not much to say today, our CEO of the corp is attempting to build a starbase player owned station (POS) and has scouts out looking for that, a few of the corp members pitched in and got the ore for a Moa for me after the whole Ore incident…

i’ll post more when something interesting happens…such as my skill finishing… i figured out by halting the skill and training some learning skills i can speed it up…it went from 3days to 2days…so im not complaining….

I’ll have that mining barge yet!

(Im gonna go see Revenge of the Sith tomorrow…hope it isnt a dead weight movie like i’ve been fearing, more info on that as well later)


4 thoughts on “The Countdown begins…”

  1. Estimated impact on the economy from people taking time off to go see Star Wars: in excess of $600,000,000. Because, hey, the two hours you took off work to go see the show (3am Eastern now…I wonder how many have seen it and are going to work late?) has a bigger dollar-impact than the cost of the ticket.

  2. Me again Zxyrox ;-) Would you be able to give us some intro information on EVE? Eg, is this corp you keep mentioning like a guild? Whats the primary objective in EVE? Is it a game or a world MMORPG?

  3. Good luck with the POS, Zxyrox.

    I fed all the numbers involved into my Spreadsheet-O-Matic upon my return to EVE recently, and after a sustained bout of hysterical giggling, decided that it wasn’t really for the solo/small corp player such as myself. Seems to be advanced content for the larger Corps. The real problem didn’t seem to be buying it all and setting up, but keeping it powered and fueled – a major and sustained logistical nightmare, involving an awful lot of blockade running in defenseless freighters.

    I love the idea of the POSes, but it’s definitely not for the casual player.

  4. heh we have grown rapidly over the course of the month..and yeah its like a guild if you play WoW EQ2 or the other fantasy MMOGS, Starwars i went to see on my own time….im not one of those dedicated fans who dump work just to see it lol

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