Tuesday Night Drunk

[World of Warcraft] My friend loves his alcohol. A lot. This guy once got so drunk on New Years Eve that he unzipped his pants on the Las Vegas Strip 30 minutes before midnight and relieved himself on Caesars Palace while random tourists took pictures. Now that you have that delightful image seared into your memory, we jump to last night. My friend, decides that Tuesday night is a great night to go to a bar. I decline his invitation, but he finds some drinking buddies and they set off. Around 1AM I get a drunk dialing call from him. It’s the usual how much he misses his girlfriend type stuff, but then he starts talking about WoW.

You see, my friend, unlike me the dilettante, pretty much concentrated on just playing WoW and only having character and an auction house guy. Even though he started playing at the end of January, the guy has hit lvl 60, bought an epic mount, and has enough money to buy another one if he feels like it. I have many friends that play the game. Some are in well organized guilds that have killed Onyxia several times. However, those guys all pretty much joined the same guilds they joined in beta, assuring that their fellow guildmembers would be fairly hardcore gamers. Myself and four others wisely cordinated and ended up on the same server (unlike my other friends), but we are casual players compared with the others. My drunken friend plays a lot more than us so he is frustrated. Hence the drunken call.

Ever since getting his epic mount my friend has been bored out of his mind. He wants to go try and kill Onyxia and run Molten Core, but he knows he won’t while he stays in our guild, yet he doesn’t want to leave his buddies since middle school. So he calls me and lays out the plan he must have been formulating for quite a while now. Using his advertising background he plans to turn out little guild of five guys from Orange County and a couple of Australians that don’t mind playing with us American insomniacs into the greatest guild ever. It’ll be interesting to see how far he goes with this, or if he’ll even remember tomorrow morning.