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[Saga of Ryzom] Why is this not a bigger deal in the industry? I think it is a very exciting step in a different direction for MMOs. Listen to the details:

…designing, creating and animating your own scenarios for the players of the Saga of Ryzom.

…allowing you to run your own zones within the world of Atys.

Create a setting and lay out the buildings, flora, fauna, challenges and safe zones that will bring it to life.

Delve into the complete libraries of SoR to dress and populate your map.

…use it to build a dank domain full of monsters, or a serene vale perfect for wedding chapel, the Ryzom Ring provides the means to express yourself.

Share your creation with massive numbers of players. Open your maps to everyone, or reserve them for a selected group of characters. Develop your maps in real time.

Provide a unique game experience for others players by controlling every aspect of a scenario that you have designed.

Fellow players will seamlessly wander from the mainland of Atys into your new map.

This is a bold step. It could be really great, or a huge failure, but it’s bold and I like it. It has potential to increase quality content or increase crappy content. It has potential to increase griefing and cheating. It has potential to give you the opportunity to actually leave a mark on the world.

I eagerly await more details…

– Ethic

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5 thoughts on “Player-Made Content”

  1. It’s not a bigger deal in the industry because it’s only truly feasible in games that have no rewards or level structure (i.e. Second Life). Have you ever gone looking for a quality NWN module? Now imagine if your job, as a developer, was to do nothing but test NWN modules all day to see which are polished and balanced enough to be added to your pay-to-play game.

  2. There’s a thought. What would happen if, say, you let players of Asheron’s Call design a dungeon for general use? Well, the huge mazes of Tuskers are likely what one would see, or a version of that in which you could safely perch and shoot into the crowd. How about an easy dungeon leading to the Gem of Uberness?

    I can only imagine what the farming would look like in most games if you could design your own spawn points, moreso if you could alter the enemies in any way (“We’ll just remove the attacks, triple the experience points…”).

    Potentially worrisome things, yeah.

  3. I think the problem is that “Saga of Ryzom” is pretty effectively dead.

    From what I saw of the skill trees there was basically no horizontal progression from the skills you learned very early. You got the basic bricks for the skill but all you “unlocked” through advancement were Brick A 2, Brick A 3, Brick A 4, et cetera. That was it. From newbie island onward you had literally nothing to advance for but more numbers.

    Quests were basically “go into the wilderness and get random item I at random quality level J. I’ll pay you (I*J’s selling price)/5.”

    Any actual players of the game want to speak up about what’s changed since release?

  4. This also begs the question of the developers ability to maintain stability of areas they did not create.

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